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  • Environmental Action Research Paper

    I was going to change the world. That was the goal I set out upon when starting out my action project. I knew that it was supposed to be a small project, but I thought I could change Missoula in just fifteen hours. After numerous attempts to get in contact with organizations that could have a broad, long term impact on the community, I decided to simply pick up trash from a local park. This job wasn 't glamorous or exciting and it wasn 't going to change the way people looked at recycling and waste, but after a few thank you 's from people passing by or simply watching the ducks swim in the area I had recently collected trash from, I knew that I had made a difference in my community. For my action research project I picked up trash at Ogden…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Trip To Tiger Stadium

    This past Saturday my wife and I along with my daughter and her two kids rode the fan bus to the USM vs LSU game in Baton Rouge. Taking the bus and not having to drive in the traffic was a great decision! The trip and the first half of the game were perfect, but because this is a family blog, I will withhold my thoughts on the second half of the game. However, despite the second half disappointment, the trip was a success. Not only did my grandson who is a big LSU fan get to see the campus…

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  • Hepatitis B Vaccines: A Case Study

    Introduction The vulnerable population is made up of several groups of residents in Baltimore. These groups consist of the elderly, homeless, disabled, and immigrants. While researching about Baltimore City it has become apparent the biggest barrier to resource retrieval by vulnerable populations is their understanding of available help. These barriers vary by group and include reduced visual and audible abilities, lack of education leading to illiteracy, language barriers, and lack of…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Experience In Professional Sports

    playing baseball in a 10 and under league. I had been playing on the same team for two years with some friends from school. The team’s name was the Lake Shore Bluesox. Our team was in a travel league where we would play teams across the state of Maryland from different counties. We practiced three nights a week with a game on Friday, along with three games over the weekend. It was a lot of hard work, but we won almost all of our games. Our coach told us that if we kept up a good record, we…

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  • How Did Martin Luther King Jr Stand Up For Civil Rights

    It took many years and many different leaders for African-American people to finally to get the rights they deserve. Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks. First, Jackie Robinson was the first black professional baseball player. During his time of baseball, he received many threats due only to his skin color. Many African-Americans during this time were greatly inspired by Robinson and influenced others to stand up for what they believe. Martin Luther King Jr.…

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  • Friends Through Baseball Analysis

    Friends Through Baseball (Prompt 1) The pitch is thrown with such skillfulness. As the hitter sees the pitch in the corner of his eye, he recognizes immediately, this is the pitch he loves. Progressing from a relaxed, calm stance to a high energy, high powered swing, he goes for the pitch. At full extension, “boom!” the crack of the bat echos around the stadium as the crowd begins to cheer almost at once. Everyone looks to the person standing next to them with hands held high screaming at the…

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  • Baseball Failure

    handle the presence of failure. I remember the first time I failed at something it changed my state of mind from high to low, filled me with anxiety and turned my world into chaos. What had such a powerful impact on my life is loved all over the United States, it is known as “America’s pass time,” the great sport of baseball. I originally decided to join baseball to make my family proud, no one else in my family played sports anymore due to harsh injuries. I would always hear my father say the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Shaker Valley Little League Baseball

    Leaving the Park In the spring of my seventh grade year, I exercised my final season of eligibility of little league baseball. Just avoiding the cutoff date by a week, I would be one of the few thirteen year olds to take the field. It would also be my first year of making the all – star team, a goal I had since I had first entered the major league division of Shaker Valley Little League three years prior. As a starting pitcher, I was pretty confident that I would finally get the chance to show…

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  • Personal Narrative: Football Injury

    Injury When I was at my sister’s softball game, I was playing football during my baseball season, but it was an off day, so I didn’t have to do any baseball that day. I was playing with some 7th graders as their sisters were playing and they were throwing it high and far. While I was playing 500 with a wet NERF football and when I caught the football my wrist had a strange feeling. So, I kept playing on (not the smartest idea). It would hurt when I tried to catch it but I didn’t realize that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Baseball In High School

    This last school year I moved to Nebraska to live there for awhile. While I was there I went to school and played my favorite sport baseball. I was very excited for our first practice, and our first game. My excitement skyrocketed when coach told me at the end of practice that I would start at shortstop and close the game pitching. The entire day of the game, which was on a Thursday, I was in a marvelous mood because I couldn’t wait for the game that night. I was one of three kids in 7th grade…

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