Personal Narrative Essay: The Second Half Of The Game

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This past Saturday my wife and I along with my daughter and her two kids rode the fan bus to the USM vs LSU game in Baton Rouge. Taking the bus and not having to drive in the traffic was a great decision! The trip and the first half of the game were perfect, but because this is a family blog, I will withhold my thoughts on the second half of the game. However, despite the second half disappointment, the trip was a success. Not only did my grandson who is a big LSU fan get to see the campus and attend a game in Tiger Stadium, I had a whole day and night to pick on and aggravate my beautiful granddaughter. Life does not get much better than that!
Our seats in the stadium were located just above cloud level. My acrophobia, which usually kicks into high gear on the first wrung of a
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“Age ain’t nothing.”
“Well, they’re too tall anyway,” I said.
“You really think so,” he said and took another long drink.
“Yeah, I do,” I said with a laugh.
“We make ‘em short too,” he said and stopped walking.
Why I stopped I don’t know. “I have a short one,” I said pointing to my wife up ahead.
“I see,” he said and extended his hand. “You guys have a good time, and if you change your mind ‘bout a drink and them girls, come see.”
“Maybe, next time,” I said and shook his hand.
“Gotta go,” he said with a huge smile. “I need a refill.”
After catching up with my wife, I told her about my new friend. I am not sure she believed me, but she did keep me close to her side for the rest of the trip. I admit that once or twice as we were plodding our way to the top of Tiger Stadium, I thought about drinking a cold one with the Louisiana Goddess and my new friend. I had a choice; I could risk the possibility of a heart attack climbing to the top of Tiger Stadium, or I could die a slow death in front of the tall Louisiana Goddess and my friend at the hands of my short wife. I am here to write this blog because I chose the risk over the

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