Baseball Observation Essay

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As I walked into the stadium, the smell of hotdogs and popcorn filled the air. It was a familiar setting. A setting I had grown to know very well because my dad loved baseball. The red white and blue colors were everywhere as fans came from every direction into the stadium. My dad and I walked to the outfield where the opposing team was warming up for the game. Turner Field in Atlanta was not only home of the Braves, but a home to many baseball fans. The concessions and amenities for the fans, as well as the game of baseball are the most prominent observations I made as I entered the stadium on a Saturday afternoon.
The game of baseball has been a hobby for our family since I can remember. It is one of the most beloved sports in our home. Going to Braves games was just one of our many traditions. Hotdogs and popcorn are just the beginning of what
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I look around the stadium and see kids looking up to their parents for attention as some of them are having a hard time in the heat and sitting still in a chair. Although observing the game of baseball is entertaining, observing the people is also. Different ages and different backgrounds don’t matter as anyone who loves baseball bonds on this Saturday afternoon to root for the Braves. The smells, sounds, and how I feel are tremendous, but sight during a baseball game is crucial. There are so many things to look at. The jumbotron announcing players, the speed of the pitch, the crazy fans sitting in front of you, or the actual players themselves are just a few of the many sights of this attraction. The fireworks go off again as two Braves players round the bases coming into home scoring two more points. The crowd is cheering and waving their tomahawks as the chant for the Braves begins again. No wonder this sport is an American pastime. Everyone needs to experience a baseball game like this at least once in their

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