Friends Through Baseball Analysis

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Friends Through Baseball (Prompt 1) The pitch is thrown with such skillfulness. As the hitter sees the pitch in the corner of his eye, he recognizes immediately, this is the pitch he loves. Progressing from a relaxed, calm stance to a high energy, high powered swing, he goes for the pitch. At full extension, “boom!” the crack of the bat echos around the stadium as the crowd begins to cheer almost at once. Everyone looks to the person standing next to them with hands held high screaming at the top of their lungs and jumping in rejoicement. Although there are people from many cultures and all different walks of life, so many different emotions, senses, and feelings are experienced at a baseball game that brings everyone together. The crowd of the stadium is what brings it to life. In one section you may have the businessmen who, a short time ago, got off their long work day at the office and are looking to enjoy a few beers with friends and cheer on their hometown team. Or, perhaps, they could be out with a client over an …show more content…
Every stadium has its own beautiful characteristics which one can compare each new stadium they may visit to. As you sit in historic, iconic Fenway Park, you stare at the “Green Monster” in left field. You ponder how it is possible to hit a ball that high and far over the wall for it to be a homerun. While in Fenway, you may compare it with Coors Field, where the balls seem to jump off the bat due to the high altitude and thin air. On the other hand, you think of Angel Stadium and the rocks in the outfield, creating a beautiful backdrop while the sun is setting. You are able to share your travels with your neighbor sitting by you in Fenway. Which stadium has been your favorite, which one you wish to travel to the most, as well as who you have met/seen at these games. The stadiums are virtually universal in the baseball world and your neighbor would understand and be able to imagine your

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