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  • Essay On Leonhard Euler

    Abstract: - Leonhard Euler is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He made incredible discoveries to many subject areas, but most were to the field of mathematics. In this paper we explore Euler’s mathematical contributions including formulas/identities, concepts and notations. We see how Euler’s formula came to be and the story behind it along with Euler’s identity. We then explore Euler’s approaches to the Basel and Seven Bridges of Königsberg problems and his solutions to these. Lastly, we see Euler’s influence in current mathematical notations. Key-Words: - Euler, notations, formulas, Basel, Königsberg 1 Introduction Leonhard Euler was born on April 15th, 1707 in Basel, Switzerland. His father, Paul Euler,…

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  • Electronic Waste In Ghana

    and pregnancies are six times more likely to end in miscarriage”(2013). Generally electronics are not made with recycling, or resource extraction from the product in mind. To recycle this toxic garbage, safely, requires large sums of money and, can be very labor intensive. Before continuing we need to examine some of the global flows. The Basel Convention was adopted on 22 March 1989 in response to a public outcry following the discovery, in the 1980s, in Africa and other parts of the…

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  • The Eurozone: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

    which causes a serious problems of the banks’ credit risk exposure through four main channels. For example, a deterioration of the sovereign creditworthiness causes lots of damage to the banks which holds a large amount of the sovereign bonds. Moreover, in order to defend the default risk from the sovereign bonds, banks increase the minimum capital requirement than before to maintain a sustainable banking system. Lastly, policy makers within the Eurozone make a consensus that the home bias…

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  • Oldfield And Santomero In Al-Tamimi: Case Study

    Next, I will explore the risk faced by both conventional and Islamic banks, the management and level of resiliency towards crisis. M.Ariffin et. al (2009) found that Islamic banks carries similar type of risk in different level, which means, the understanding of risk in Islamic banking practitioner are alike with the conventional due to the similar regulation that they have in risk management and governance. In the case of Malaysia, Sairally et. al (2013) revealed there is conflict in complying…

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  • Hans Denck Beliefs

    Anabaptists. He was a very educated man. Hans studied at the University of Ingolstadt, and also studied at the University of Basel. Hans knew several languages, including Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. For awhile he was editor for Cratander of Basel, and also later editor to Valentine Curio. Hans had began to question the ways of the Lutherans especially on the basis of justification of Faith, “Which seemed to guarantee the standing of a believer with God regardless of the character of his life.…

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  • Daniel Bernoulli Essay

    was the flow of water from a hole in a container and talked about Newton’s theories which were wrong. This shows that Bernoulli was interested in pressure and had not yet solved the problem of it yet, but was heading in the right direction. The third part was on the Riccati differential equation, which was created by Jacopo Riccati and was the base of the Bernoulli equation. The fourth part was a geometry question concerning about figures bounded by two arcs of a circle. Also while in Venice,…

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  • Hans Holbein The Younger Research Paper

    during his time. He was born in 1497 in Augsburg into a family of famous artists, including his father, uncle, and older brother. Hans Holbein the Younger learned to paint from his famous artistic father, Hans Holbein the Elder. Hans Holbein the Younger painted over 150 portraits, as well as created woodcuts and designed clothing for royalty during his lifetime. In 1515, Holbein went to Basel, Switzerland and was commissioned to do pen illustrations in the margins of Erasmus’ book The Praise…

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  • Josef Müller-Brockmann To Armin Hofmann: The Grid Philosophy In Swiss Style

    He mostly expressed his design principle through education and he started to be a teacher at Basel School of Arts and Crafts in 1947 (DJ 2012). After he became an educationist, he grew a sharp and standalone intuitiveness fused with his abundant and creative powers of visual presentation. He and his colleagues and his students devoted themselves to theory and practise around the Swiss Style (Design is history n.d.). They focused on simple work applied into ‘new techniques of photo-typesetting,…

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  • Global Financial Crises And The Future Of Securitization: Case Study

    Cabral (2013) argued that “the increase in financial leverage was possible due to misguided changes in the regulatory framework, specifically, the Basel I capital accord and reductions in reserve requirements.” One of the indicators of financial crisis I mentioned above is excess of leverage, Basel I rule, in simple words, classified bank’s assets into five groups and requires bank to maintain capital equal to at least 8% of its risk-weighted assets. However, the Basel I rule created incentives…

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  • London Whale Trade Case Study

    Answer to Question 1 Basel III introduced new requirements regarding liquidity risk in the banking sector under the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR). Firstly, explain the criteria and rationale for banks to identify the kinds of assets that qualify as HQLA and the relative ratios for each kind of HQLA is required for compliance with the LCR requirement. One of the consequences of this ratio is that banks are required to model their expected net cash outflows during a 30 day period of acute market…

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