Basel Convention

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  • Electronic Waste In Ghana

    pregnancies are six times more likely to end in miscarriage”(2013). Generally electronics are not made with recycling, or resource extraction from the product in mind. To recycle this toxic garbage, safely, requires large sums of money and, can be very labor intensive. Before continuing we need to examine some of the global flows. The Basel Convention was adopted on 22 March 1989 in response to a public outcry following the discovery, in the 1980s, in Africa and other parts of the developing world of deposits of toxic wastes imported from abroad (Basel Convention, 2011). This convention was directly aimed at stemming the large quantities of hazardous waste being produced, and to stop their export to developing countries. There are many problems with this though. First is the fact, that while many major powers agreed to and ratified this treaty, the United States has still refused to. Next is the actual enforcement. The Basel Convention boils down to a loose agreement between countries. Enforcement tends to simply extend to an increased regulation upon the transportation, and does not necessarily stop it. While the Basel Convention aims at halting this flow, there are many economic factors at work. E-waste can be considered valuable due to the “iron, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and rare earth metals” (Heacock et al., 2016) that can be retrieved from these defective devices. While this incentive does not currently outweigh the expenditures occured for…

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  • Essay On Leonhard Euler

    Abstract: - Leonhard Euler is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He made incredible discoveries to many subject areas, but most were to the field of mathematics. In this paper we explore Euler’s mathematical contributions including formulas/identities, concepts and notations. We see how Euler’s formula came to be and the story behind it along with Euler’s identity. We then explore Euler’s approaches to the Basel and Seven Bridges of Königsberg problems and his…

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  • The Eurozone: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

    which causes a serious problems of the banks’ credit risk exposure through four main channels. For example, a deterioration of the sovereign creditworthiness causes lots of damage to the banks which holds a large amount of the sovereign bonds. Moreover, in order to defend the default risk from the sovereign bonds, banks increase the minimum capital requirement than before to maintain a sustainable banking system. Lastly, policy makers within the Eurozone make a consensus that the home bias…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Art Of Makeup

    Society is founded on one principle and one principle only: beauty. By age twelve, I adapted society’s principle as my own. I admired the beautiful actresses with the flawless skin, shiny hair, and thin body. I wanted that for myself and began to straighten and curl my hair at the age of twelve. At thirteen, I wanted more. I begged my mom for contacts, because everyone knows that the girl with glasses are not beautiful—well at least in makeover movies. I then begged her to allow me to get my…

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  • Analysis Of Lady Castelloza's Contessa De Dia

    Liz Hale points out that in the male-dominated society, one could expect that trobairitz work would include the adoration of man; rather, it is the complete opposite and they are anything but submissive to men. (Fifes) One trobairitz who does this is Lady Castelloza who shows no fear of criticizing the actions of a man and acknowledging her own worth: “I’m angry if you refuse me any joy, and if you let me die you’ll commit a sin. I’ll be in torment, and you’ll be vilely blamed.” (source) Another…

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  • Essay On Norm Violation

    I chose to participate in Living Experiment Option three which required me to commit a norm violation. I decided to choose the 4th norm violation which required me to walk into a crowded grocery store and jump up and down while waiting in a checkout line. I decided to walk into Millers, The local gas station on campus and I grabbed a pack of gum and stepped in line to pay for it. Once I was in line I preceded to jump up and down in place until I got to the front of the line. I began jumping…

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  • Theme Of Ignorance In Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451 by Bradbury centers around the dystopian society in a nearing future. It follow Guy Montag and his interaction with the world around him, mainly the various people he encounters on daily basis. Each character lies somewhere on the scale of ignorance or knowledge, some lay more towards ignorance, or on knowledge and a few in the middle. Montag lies in the middle and hinders on each side depending who he meets. Characters like Clarisse, Faber, the old women lean him more towards…

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  • Symbolism In Sylvia Plath's 'Initiation'

    Initiation Essay In “Initiation”, Plath creates the theme, a person does not need to follow the social norms to be accepted into society, through the utilization of foreshadowing, symbolism, and conflict to elucidate the importance of being an individual and not collapsing under the pressure of society’s set standards. In “Initiation”, Plath creates the theme; person does not need to follow the social norms to be accepted into society, through the utilization of foreshadowing to elucidate the…

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  • Inequality In Emily Dickinson's 'They Shut Me Up In Prose'

    In such a male dominated society, women are often governed by such dictatorship, confined to certain expectation set by male standards. This can be seen in Emily Dickinson poem, “They shut me up in Prose,” where she introduces us to a world of inequality and uncertainty. Inequality in how it silences opposing views of the social norm, the voiceless stays voiceless. Uncertainty in how if things will ever change. Which is expressed in her other poem “I dwell in Possibility,” where the present and…

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  • Explain Kohlberg's Theory Of Moral Reasoning

    I am going to explain Kohlberg 's theory of moral reasoning by examining a scenario about a man named Heinz. His wife is dying and he has been informed that a pharmacist is in possession of a cure but it is very expensive. He has asked the pharmacist to lower the price but the man says he cannot. Heinz also tried to convince the man to allow him to pay what he has and the balance in installments and was also told no. Heinz has uncovered a cure for his dying wife, unfortunately, it is very…

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