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  • Bernoulli's Accomplishments

    Introduction Daniel I Bernoulli stated that “there is no philosophy which is not found upon knowledge of the phenomena, but to get any profit from this knowledge it is absolutely necessary to be a mathematician”(BrainyQuote). Daniel, a second generation mathematician, learned this valuable lesson, as his father and uncle had before him; mathematics is vital when interpreting the world. While Daniel was succeeded by a laundry list of mathematicians and physics, it is he and the men which preceded him that truly impacted the mathematical world of their time. “That calculus rose to its height of popularity in the eighteenth century,” is attributed to Jacques I and Johann I (Lick, 401). Daniel I’s accomplishments warranted him “the founder of mathematical physics”(Lick, 401). Along with their accomplishments, these men worked side by side with the most gifted and influential mathematical mind of the time. The following will discuss the lives of these three distinguished men, their associates, and their accomplishments. Jacques Bernoulli I While, in most recent history, the Bernoulli name is associated with mathematics, in 1654, Jacques I Bernoulli was born into a long line of merchants in Basel, Switzerland (Bernoulli A, 46)(Lick,…

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  • Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Analysis

    Considered one of his most famous pieces, Bach 's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" speaks a lot, both technically as well as contextually. Initially, my reaction for the piece was positive, with the notion that it would be used to accompany theatric performance of some sort. I noticed the song was composed in a way to have both slow and fast parts, as well as being complex yet easy to follow. Upon looking into Bach 's religious beliefs and lifestyle, in addition to the time period this was…

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  • Secular Music In The Renaissance Period

    tablature to compose songs just like the lute did. An example of a song featuring lute is Franciscus Bossinensis ' ‘Ricercar 17’. Modern day songs like ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses feature tabbed guitars with the essential basis of the lute. Music of the present is heavily inspired by the works of composers from the Baroque Period (which took place between around 1600-175) like Johann Sebastian Bach whose intense music has been sampled and inspired by modern-day artists like The…

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  • Music In Shakespeare Essay

    Music And Shakespeare Music in the plays of William Shakespeare includes both music incidental to the plot as song and dance, and also additional supplied both by Shakespeare’s subsequent performers. There are hundreds of references to music in the works of Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s music can be placed into three general categories. 1.Incidental music: The individual titles of incidental music in Shakespeare’s works are never named but the directions “music here”, “music…

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  • Pentathlon Translations

    4 ANALYSIS OF THE MATERIAL In this chapter I will first use the five different aspects from Peter Low’s Pentathlon Principle to analyze the translations. Thus, firstly I will be analyzing the musical features of the translations; the rhyme, rhythm, naturalness, sense and singability. Lastly, I will analyze the translations according to Johan Franzon’s three aspects of music translation, and I will analyze whether there has been used re-creation, hook-translation or reverent translation in the…

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  • Bach's Prelude And Fugue Analysis

    A Comparison and Contrast of Bach’s Fingering System and Modern Fingering System Comparing the work of J.S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue During the 20th centuries, modern piano has developed and request pianists have to do changes for playing techniques to pursuit the great articulation of the piano playing. It affects all aspects of performance, in order to produce the perfect color of the tone, good memorization, excellent technique skills, and also the pianist could get more security for the…

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  • Essay On Instrumental Concerto

    Both sonata and vocal forms influenced the development of concerto form as instrumental music practices and writing evolved from the middle to late Baroque (ca. 1680– 1730). This paper will examine the development of the instrumental concerto during the Baroque, focusing on analysis of the works and contributions to the form by Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713) and Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741). Representing a span of one generation in time, and working in different musical centers within Italy,…

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  • Bach And Gay Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach was born and raised in Eisenach. Bach was a german composer and he is more commonly known for technical command, artistic beauty, and intellectual depth. Later down the road Bach married a woman named Maria Barbara Bach and had four children but only one lived. Bach’s wife unfortunately died and he had moved on to a young lady named Anna Magdalena. Bach remarried and had thirteen more children, only six survived to adulthood. This was extremely common in this period. Bach…

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  • Bach Stay In Weimar Analysis

    Bach’s stay in Weimar was characterized by his keyboard and orchestral works. He learned to write dramatic openings and employ the dynamic motor rhythms and harmonic schemes found in the music of the Italians. This is a direct influence to the progressive type of music that Beethoven is so well known for. Though his stay in Weimar was influential, it was also short lived. In 1717 he moved to secure a job at Cothen. After the move, it didn’t take long for Bach’s life to be changed forever. In…

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  • Mozart Don Giovanni Analysis

    While cheerful and bright melodies are used to represent Mozart’s early years in his short lives, the prelude of the opera “Don Giovanni” composed by Mozart after the death of Leopold Mozart – Mozart’s father – indicates the relationship between Mozart and Leopold and shows the process how Salieri set his scheme foreshadowing the death of Mozart. First of all, the opera “Don Giovanni” suggests the abnormal relationship between Mozart and his father. In the film, Mozart is illustrated as a…

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