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  • Cernunnos: Celtic God

    Not a goddess of beauty or kindness She rules the dark time of the year and the weather it is said. Her name can vary depending on where we hear her story, in Scotland it is Cailleach Bheur or Carlin, and in Britain She is known as Black Annis. The name Cailleach is said to mean ‘Old Wife’, but it is literally ‘Veiled One’, according to one source it is an epithet applied to those that belong to the hidden worlds. The name Bheur is said to mean ‘sharp’ or ‘shrill’, for cutting winds and the northern winter. She is said to be the daughter of Grainan, ‘little sun’, the sun that in the old Scottish calendar shines from Samhain to Imbolc. The legends say that She has been the creator of hills and mountains when she carried rocks across the land and accidentally dropped them on her way. That makes her associated with the creator gods and goddesses. Another story connects her with Brigid. In that one Cailleach is the old hag or crone during the winter, but when spring arrives She is either transformed into a stone boulder or drinking from the Well of Youth, and when that has happened either Brigid takes over the months of summer or Cailleach herself is turned into Brigid. In other stories the two of them are…

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  • Morgan Le Fay: The Medieval Story Of Morgan Le Fay

    associated with healing. Sex Goddess In legend, Morgan/Morrigan has many consorts - Dagda, Arthur, Merlin, The Green Knight (The Green Man?), King Uriens, Sir Accolon, Ogier the Dane, and the Fairy King. (She was, however, unsuccessful in Her bid for the affections of Sir Lancelot and Chuchulain.) Goddess of Many Names She has many attributes, associations and titles - Queen of Fairy, Mermaid, Sea Priestess, Healer, Teacher, Prophetess, Mother Goddess, Moon Goddess, Queen of Witches, Queen…

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