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  • Imbolic Research Paper

    Imbolic is in Feburary 1-2 ,Imbolc has traditionally been celebrated on 1 February. However, because the day was deemed to begin and end at sunset, the celebrations would start on what is now 31 January. This holiday is also known as Candlemas, or Brigid's Day or Groundhog's Day. this is also another one of the fire festivals. this is time when the Goddess changes from crone to madien. This is also the time when we know that spring is here. On Imbolic it is customary to light up every house if even for just a few minutes or put a candle in each room for the sun's rebirth. This is the time of year when baby animals are born, crops are starting to grow again and it is starting to warm up. This is the middle of the dark half of the year. In some…

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  • Cernunnos: Celtic God

    Not a goddess of beauty or kindness She rules the dark time of the year and the weather it is said. Her name can vary depending on where we hear her story, in Scotland it is Cailleach Bheur or Carlin, and in Britain She is known as Black Annis. The name Cailleach is said to mean ‘Old Wife’, but it is literally ‘Veiled One’, according to one source it is an epithet applied to those that belong to the hidden worlds. The name Bheur is said to mean ‘sharp’ or ‘shrill’, for cutting winds and the…

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  • The Wicca Religion

    It is the new years of the Celtic year. The veil of the realm of the living and dead is thin during the night time. Witches dressed up in costume in a way to embody the souls of the dead and to visit their family and descendant. Winter Solstice take place on December 21. This day is the shortest day of the year because of the sun at its lowest point. This came about because of the death of a Sun king and birth of the Divine Child or Horned God. Witches decorate a evergreen tree with lights and…

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  • Arcea Quarantine Research Paper

    deterioration of the brain, affecting other parts of the nervous system and affecting the rest of the body. The virus accelerated at a dangerously fast rate, killing fifteen in two weeks, thus why the Prime Minister had issued the quarantine several days ago. It was a smart course of action, all things considered, but it certainly set the whole city of Arcea on edge. No one wanted to be enclosed with a deadly virus. “I’m certainly not worried,” Piccolino boasted to Maylene. “My older brother’s a…

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  • Similarities Between Indigenous People And Druidism

    and mountains (Time Life Books, 1998, p. 15). There is no right or wrong way to practice Druidry. The Druids awareness of self and their intense bond to the Earth allow for more open mindedness than other religions. Ritual practices play a significant role in Druidry. Some of the most popular are the seasonal celebrations. Samhain, held on November 1, marks the return of the herds from the summer pasture, the beginning of winter, and the start of the new year. Samhain was also the time most…

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  • The Origins Of Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    goes down to the pool where Romeo awaits, and they declare their love for each other, deciding to secretly get married. But they are not the only ones. In Origin, Rose and Diarmuid confess their love to each other by making a circle dedicated to the Goddess. The couple swore to each other not to say a word to their families until they knew the time was right since they were from different covens. “The reality of it stabbed at me. Diarmuid and I would have to face more than our share of foes,”…

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  • Wicca Vs Paganism

    nothing into something beautiful. There have been many different variations of who the Goddess and God is. The Goddess can be relatable to three aspects which are the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The Maiden is the Waxing Moon. She is the representation of everything innocent. Everything that you represent before you become a mother. The Mother aspect is the Full Moon. She stands for when all women become mothers. The Crone is the final aspect. She is the Waning Moon. She stands for when…

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  • The Wiccan Religion

    are occurring. The ritual is structured like many of their other rituals to create balance and tradition. The Great Rite ritual can be done symbolically too, as to leave sexual intercourse out of the ritual (Shuler). These rituals are done in great respect to the divine. Likewise, traditions are done in respect to the divine as well. The rituals are a part of the traditions Wiccans celebrate. The traditions are done based on seasonal and lunar gatherings. These traditions or celebrations are…

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  • Narrative: Innocent Bystanders In The Lower Town

    It was Imbolc, about a month after Yule ended. By this time, the worst of the biting cold had normally passed, but not this year. It appeared as if winter would linger in Camelot, and a protracted winter tended to put the kingdom’s residents in a foul mood. Since tempers were short, there had been a large-scale fight at the mill in the Lower Town. A group of young men argued about their places in line, an altercation erupted, during which property was damaged, and a fire started thanks to a…

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  • The Celts Influence In Ancient Celtic Culture

    female and male. The Goddess has three aspects: maiden, mother, and the crone. The maiden symbolizes the continuation of life, she is pure and innocent, and symbolizes springtime, dawn, and the waxing moon. The mother symbolizes womanhood, summer, the day, and the full moon. The crone, also known as the Dark Mother or Hag, symbolizes winter, the night, gateway to death, and the waning moon. Many of the Celtic formal rituals were held at or near the full moon, as psychic power was at a high…

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