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  • Inflatable Water Slide Park Case Study

    INFLATABLE WATER SLIDE PARK When I was a child, I was crazy for playing in inflatable castle and water park yet those are too expensive and far from my house. In the recent years, there are a variety of inflatable water parks which are comfortable and affordable. Then children can enjoy the healthy outdoor games every week in the back yard, and their parents manage to throw the worries about high-priced tickets and the harmful chemicals in pools. 1. So what is an inflatable water slide park? Inflatable water slides are huge soft elastic toys made for a family or a group of people. Commonly, they are made of a thick strong PVC or vinyl and nylon, and are inflated by an electric or gasoline powered plump. The water slide has a water hose in…

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  • Lap Pool Narrative

    The ceiling suddenly becomes lower, causing a sense of claustrophobia, because the gym is directly above this pool. There are only four people swimming: three girls playing basketball in the water and one man swimming laps. I greet the guard and tell him that I have the water which he responds, “It’s clear”. As the half hour goes by, many different people of all races, genders, and ages hop in the this pool, realize that it is much colder at only 80 degrees, and gasp as their heads come back…

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  • Creative Writing: The Waterslide

    The Waterslide Linde Kramer My heart was pounding as I raced down the snake-like waterslide. I plunged into the icy water. The line was getting shorter. If I hurried, I could go again and not have to wait very long! A little boy wildly shot out of the slide. He surfaced, gasping for breath. Wow, I didn't know that supposedly innocent waterslide could be so intense for young children! I looked up at the Florida sun. I felt like I was trapped inside an oven whenever I was out of the water. A slow…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Day Of School

    It was the last day of school of my freshman year. I stood at the doorway of my world history classroom counting down the seconds as Kelcie and I repeated, “Summer, summer, summer.” The bell finally rang and everyone started running to the parking lot. Everybody was rushing to go eat lunch and hang out with their friends. I on the other hand included myself into my neighbor, Taylor’s plans. He asked me if I would like to help him build a slip n’ slide but he never would’ve thought I’d invite my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Jamestown North Dakota

    storm, after it calmed down we ate lunch at pizza hut. Then we just drove the rest of the way to my house after stopping at a gas station in Cambridge to use the bathroom all because of my sister and I got a pop and chips while we were there. Then when we got home we unloaded everything from the cars I had to carry most of the bags to our table in our kitchen. Jamestown, a town this is in the middle of nowhere it's like north branch in size anyway, but this town has more churches and other…

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  • Comparing 'Glow In The Beach And Up The Slide'

    not have the courage or strength to push through troubled times, and many people fall short. In the stories “Up the Slide” by Jack London and “Glow in the Dark” by Gary Paulsen, the main characters go through an ordeal, and manage to persevere. While Clay, the main character of “Up the Slide”, faces a physical hardship, the narrator of “Glow in the Dark” faces an emotional ordeal. The themes of the texts are similar in a way, but the mood of the story helps establish a clear, strong theme. Both…

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  • My Mom's Best Friends

    I wasn’t happy with that suggestion since I really wanted to go on the blow up slide, but I had not wish to be rude, so I reluctantly replied with “ok.” As we went around the festival all I could think about the blow up slide, sure the other rides were fun, but I was convinced that the slide will be so much better. The closer and closer we got to the slide, the harder and harder it became to hold in my excitement, which caused me to start to bounce around. Matt just kept laughing at me making me…

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  • Wet Mount Slide Essay

    The slide used during the Microscope Lab was a wet-mount slide which was used in order to view the specimens from the microscope. A wet-mount is a method for preparing specimens to view using a microscope. A myriad of specimens look better when placed in a drop of water on the microscope slide. The water supports the sample and fills the space between the coverslip and the slide. This allows light to pass easily through the slide, the sample, and the coverslip. Scientists use the wet-mount…

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  • Lab Report: Phalyco-Chemical Characteristics Of Chemical Acid

    DETERMINATION OF ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: Conductivity was measured by using soil and water analyzed kit. The electrode was conditioned with KCl and calibrates with 0.01M KCl solution. The sample…

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  • Organic Staining Research Paper

    which are acidic. Also, the dye leaves a purple color on the stained neuronal tissues. For the purpose of most of our studies, Cresyl Violet staining is used to analyze the lesion size and location in the brain of mice. This staining is important in our research because the slides need to be stained properly in order for us to get accurate results. Our research team had been noticing that the slides that were stained with CV were different shades of purple and some slides had no color on them.…

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