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  • Inuit Tribes

    The Inuit actually have many things that are different from the other two tribes. This specific tribe builds igloos tipis, and Inuvialuit houses. The other tribes might build tipis too, but the Inuit built igloos and Inuvialuit houses. The other tribes make houses like longhouses and tipis. An igloo was a temporary, dome-shaped shelter made out of snow blocks. The blocks were cut from the snow, and piled in a spiral shape, leaning in slightly. This gave the igloo its dome shape. Soft snow was used to fill any holes, and add extra insulation. Depending on the size of the igloo, it usually took the Inuit 20-30 minutes to build. Larger, more permanent igloos could reach 4 metres in diameter and 3 metres in height. Sleeping platforms were made of ice blocks, covered with fur. The Inuit of the western Arctic (Inuvialuit) were about half of all Canadian Inuit. They lived in the richest part of the high arctic and had access to trees.They used them to build permanent log-and-sod houses in which they lived mostly in the winter.They excavated a hole into the ground and set up a ring of vertical poles.The poles were tilted inwards…

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  • Inuit Haie Compare And Contrast

    into it. One thing they have in common is that they are all very religious they might not have the same religion but they all stick to them to. They usually always pray at night and they all believe in spirits as well and all of their religion has something to do with spirits. Another thing they have in common is they all live in one spot and don’t follow food anymore or in other words they have non-transportable homes so they can’t follow the food. Even though some didn’t even follow the food…

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  • Personal Narrative: Igloo Home

    When I fell at the GRAND CANYON I was four when it happened, it was frigid as an igloo home, and foggy as steam from an oven, and light as a horizon. I was at the GRAND CANYON there was a bunch of snow on the ground. " I'm cold, " as I whispered to my mom. She replied back" rub your hands" and she even squeezed me tight. But it began to get warmer and some of the snow liquefied, the ground was wet and as I was RUNNING it felt like I was flying "wow "THIS IS SO FAST," I was sledding on…

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  • Explain The Steps Before Starting An Igloo

    Before starting an igloo you have to be somewhere that there's a lot of snow. Doning an igloo is a hard work. Sometimes you can mest up on the rims and all the blocks may fall down. To the other snow and you will have to do the blocks from the beginning. So you have to be very careful on how to follow the steps(directions). Always remembered that it's hard and it takes along time if you are the only one doing igloo(by yourself). MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Step 1, draw a…

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  • Thanksgiving The Grinches

    Once upon there lies A gingerbread man, It came to be known as the gingerbread man that had escaped from the grinches. The gingerbread tried warning everyone that the grinches were capturing all of those who were involved in supporting the Christmas holiday however; all the other elves didn’t believe the gingerbread man. One day while the elves continued to make presents for the kids, there came a green figure knocking onto the door, “all elves are reported to be sent to another place to work…

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  • East Kilbride Research Paper

    The reality is that they are a staunchly independent estate agent, which still maintains strong links to the South Lanarkshire community. Employing skilled locals and supporting small businesses in the surrounding area, Igloo stands at the heart of everything East Kilbride. It isn’t just its local feel that helps Igloo lead the way when it comes property sales within the area. Operating with both an online and land-based presence, this estate agent provides customers with the best of both…

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  • Native American Tribe

    Canada, and in Arctic areas, where the temperature is below freezing most of the time. They live in igloos composed out of snow, ice, or animal skins. They additionally live in yurts and tents, but they mostly live in igloos. The Inuit were unable to farm because of the cold tundra climate, so they mostly lived on meat and hunting animals. The Inuit were…

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  • Ugh Glauk Character Analysis

    boy name Keesh who lived in the poor condition together with his mother. Keesh lived at the edge of the polar sea. The father of Keesh had been a brave man. But he had died hunting for food. Keesh was his only son. Keesh lived alone with his mother, Ikeega. One night, the village council met in the big Igloo of Klosh-kwan, the chief. keesh listened, then he waited for silence. He said, "It is true that you give us some meat. But it is often old and tough meat, and has many bones." The hunters…

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  • The Haida And The Inuit Tribe

    The Haida and the Inuit do have a couple of things in common, but not always be the same. They both do things differently to survive. The Inuit tribe went through harsh weather, they lived in the arctic circle. The arctic circle includes Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Siberia. They lived in igloos that they had made by themselves. It was almost always snowing where the Inuit tribe was. The Haida tribe lived in damp climate. It was a challenge to get cedar bark from trees to make baskets and…

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  • The Inuit Culture

    The geography of the Inuit affected their Universals of Culture in many ways. One Universals of Culture affected is Tools and Technology. Tools and Technology was affected because all their tool and the technology had to be made out of with anything they could find. In one picture we looked at there was several weapons and tools made to hunt animals, to fish, to build shelter, etc. . Some of the weapons looks like they had been carved out of bone and most looked like they were made out of…

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