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  • The Importance Of Storytelling

    Who says this is important? Storytelling is important to practitioners working with children as it supports social and emotional development while achieving cognitive potential, making mental resilience to understand oneself. Erikson (1950) suggested that our emotional wellbeing and development are important in developing our identity and how we fit into society. it also comprehends through a story character a child can imagine themselves in situations. It also comprehends Maslow’s (1943, 1954) hierarchy of needs as through the process of being in improving social context, diversity, and self-esteem in children’s learning. Storytellers enhance the future for children by encouraging them to “explore our thoughts and feelings” (Rubin and…

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  • Folktale Storytelling Blog Analysis

    Fairy Tale and Folktale Storytelling Blog: A Reflection Over the years I personally have done hundreds of essays, research papers, and various other assignments for my English/Composition classes. However, this particular assignment was both straightforward and challenging for me all at the same time. What made the assignment easy for me is that I enjoy writing, especially stories. Since I was a little girl I have enjoyed putting words together to make a story that is both entertaining,…

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  • Gestures In Conversational Storytelling Research Paper

    Exercise 4: Gesture and Gaze in Conversational Storytelling In order to make their narrative more plausible and detailed, many will use more than just a verbal account to illustrate their stories. Instead, they use gazes and gestures. In conversational storytelling, which is a collaborative event, gestures have meaningful functions that are tied to the description of the story. Simply defined, a gesture is the movement of the body that expresses a thought or feeling. In the video-recorded…

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  • Oral Storytelling Workshop During The Fall For The Book Festival

    On September 27, 2016, two women from Better Said Than Done, Jessica Robinson and Mary Foxworth, hosted an Oral Storytelling Workshop during the Fall for The Book Festival. Their purpose was to help their audience “hone [their] own storytelling techniques and build… confidence [in] presenting [their] own tale in front of a crowd”. Although the workshop failed to meet the goals stated in the Fall for Books summary, it was still a successful performance because Foxworth and Robinson used the…

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  • Pay It Forward By Manimanjari Sapphire: Film Analysis

    start a trend of passing on acts of kindness and compassion. By juxtaposing the rough details of Trevor’s personal life with his passion for spreading kindness, the storyteller forces the audience to feel the same emotions as Trevor does thus making “you yearn for a better world where there is a pay-it-forward scheme of kindness, and inspires you to try and do the same” ( Movies that are written with a tension that lures the viewer into the character’s world and mind allows…

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  • Reflection On The Learning Of Learning From The Stories Original Narrative

    In the semester that I have spent in Storytelling I have found one essential thing to reflect upon when pondering what has the class taught me. That one thing is learning is believing. This class is more about the learning of lessons of cultural story than the stories formal narrative. We learn to learn and I will explain that in the next few pages. The section has read many stories from this seminar. The topics touched involved race to religion and every other subject of the world we live in.…

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  • Story Telling Animal Analysis

    The human hand has multiple functions, along with different parts. The hand is able to use its opposable thumbs to “pick up a pencil and manipulate it [along with] tying shoelaces” (Gottschall 24). The hands “nails are for scratching and picking and prying (Gotschall 25).” To keep on the topic of evolution, the author then begins to talk about evolutionists Charles Darwin and Brian Boyd to support his argument of the role of storytelling. He talks about these evolutionists to add logos into his…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay Example

    shorts of varying size and complexity. I cut my teeth on student films, fast cheap and without equipment as my school had none. In college, I shot at least if not more than double the movies I was assigned. Sometimes we weren 't assigned short films we were assigned video exercises but I treat every second I have around cameras as an opportunity to tell stories, I have no exercises to my name I have short films I have stories for audiences always. In college, I developed a few rules I’ve…

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  • Analysis Of American Film: The Hero's Quest

    every American movie. Sure, there can be multiple story arcs and subplots, but they too follow some kind of hero’s journey, or they add on to the main storyline of the film. This sort of storytelling has been implemented in worldwide audiences, and they keep coming back for more. This sort of story style can never become stagnate, because screenwriters apply this formula to any kind of film, from drama to comedy. This story style also is the easiest to follow, as the audience can follow a…

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  • Analysis Of There Shall Be Fireworks By Simon Day And Martin Bonger

    narrating a story to the audience. It is a dramatic production, there is a set, music, the performer has a costume and yet it also clearly storytelling. This reading will explore the signs that might define where this performance is storytelling and where it is acting or a blend of both. Although the word “storytelling” has many uses and meanings in this reading it is being understood in the…

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