Fairy Tale And Folktale Storytelling Blog: A Reflection

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Fairy Tale and Folktale Storytelling Blog: A Reflection

Over the years I personally have done hundreds of essays, research papers, and various other assignments for my English/Composition classes. However, this particular assignment was both straightforward and challenging for me all at the same time. What made the assignment easy for me is that I enjoy writing, especially stories. Since I was a little girl I have enjoyed putting words together to make a story that is both entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable for the intended audience. However, what made it difficult (and might have made this assignment easier for some students) is that we were given different words, as well as a specific ending that we had to use in our stories. Although
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After deciding that a bittersweet story was better than a dark and gloomy one, I thought about what I wanted the setting to be. I knew it had to be near an ocean and with a mysterious stranger. I then concluded that I would have the mysterious stranger be the antagonist and the story would involve a fairy to incorporate the word wand. Furthermore, I decided I would not have the man be a prince at the beginning, but become one through a wish to add interest and dimension. The ending was the most difficult to construct since my story had to be fairly short there was not a lot of time to have the readers connect with the characters. In order to make the ending somewhat bittersweet I had Thaddeus (the protagonist who lives near the ocean in a shack) fall in love with a woman in order to create a positive aspect to the …show more content…
I analyzed the different parts of the story that are in common fairytales and folktales to get a better idea of their main structure (introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, etc.). The story mainly was influenced by thoughts that came to me as I was writing the story. I started with the introduction and setting up the story/characters, and then came up with one another idea which led to another idea and so on. This was an interesting activity that I found to be helpful for me as a writer, but I also think that it could work with children as well. This activity would work with children because not only would it help them grow as writers and use their imagination, but they would begin to think about how a fairytale or folktale is structured.
In conclusion, this activity gave me many insights into the conventions of folktales. By completing this activity I was able to see how children’s authors brainstorm and craft their stories, which are both enjoyable and interesting. Finally, I was also able to see how difficult to must be for children’s authors to decide what type of story that they want to tell the audience. Due to this activity being both educational and pleasurable, I would do this

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