Importance Of Storytelling

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Who says this is important?
Storytelling is important to practitioners working with children as it supports social and emotional development while achieving cognitive potential, making mental resilience to understand oneself. Erikson (1950) suggested that our emotional wellbeing and development are important in developing our identity and how we fit into society. it also comprehends through a story character a child can imagine themselves in situations. It also comprehends Maslow’s (1943, 1954) hierarchy of needs as through the process of being in improving social context, diversity, and self-esteem in children’s learning. Storytellers enhance the future for children by encouraging them to “explore our thoughts and feelings” (Rubin and
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Instead of focusing on only the physical development of children, I focused on the emotional development on which I based my story on the main character, Milo the mouse, misplacing his most favourite toy (a pink ball); an everyday situation that children can relate to. At the end of the story, I made sure that Milo the mouse, with the help of his friends, had found his favourite possession. My intention of the story included encouraging and promoting the children’s health and wellbeing by creating a relatable experience, which in my opinion would not be achieved through as well through independent …show more content…
Social inclusion also offers equal opportunities to physical health regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability as morals are acquired through social interaction (, 2016), which was portrayed throughout my main character. As the children seemed to be interested in animals and adventure, my story combined the both to build their imagination and enlighten them with morals, so that there would be more consideration through their actions in play it is important to base the story on a series of events; and through implementing experience into stories children can make sense out of the

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