Stranger in a Strange Land

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  • Stranger In A Strange Land Summary

    The story Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein describes the life of a modern day “prophet” who is born in a spaceship during an expedition to the planet Mars. His name is Valentine “Mike” Smith and although his life was short it was extraordinary. When he is 25 years old he is returned to his people on Earth and begins to live a life unlike any other. He learns how normal humans act and discovers how horrible humans truly are and believes that he can cure humanity using his martian knowledge. Mike has trouble explaining his philosophies to regular humans so he has to change some ideas and create his own religion; “I was forced to smuggle it in as a religion—which it is not—and con the marks into tasting it by appealing to their…

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  • Stranger In A Strange Land Analysis

    This paper will review and evaluate the article written by Carole M. Cusack, the professor at the University of Sydney. The article is called “Science Fiction as Scripture: Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and the Church of All Worlds” and was published in journal Literature and Aesthetics in 2009. At that point professor Cusack was already a recognized expert on Religion Studies and Contemporary Religious Trends. She received her Bachelor degree in Religious Studies and English…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Origin Of Species

    describes this through the process of how multiple beings rely on each other for survival. Morton describes this as, “Water and air are like hair and feathers. Living and nonliving beings become the medium in which other beings exist.” (Morton 61) He also goes on to say, “There is no static background. What we call Nature is monstrous and mutating, strangely strange all the way down and all the way through.” (Morton 61) Morton is describing that the evolution of the beings that live on Earth has…

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  • The Grapes Of Wrath: A Short Story

    “Land, land!” I was out playing with my childhood friend when we heard shouting. What we caught a glimpse of was the strangest thing we could possibly think. We were hidden behind the trees so that ‘it’ could not see us. What could they possibly be? As my curiosity grew stronger, I could no longer help it and went out to meet them. My friend tried to stop me, but was unable to, so he had no choice but to follow me in my adventure. Once they noticed us, they tried speaking to us in a language we…

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  • No Man's Land Analysis

    onto when reading The Fall, readers are, in a sense, forced to accept the idea of a subjective reality. No Man’s Land, a play written by Harold Pinter, further explores the theme of reality and it’s relationship to existentialism. Two men in their sixties, Hirst and Spooner, are talking in Hirst’s living room. They have just met at a bar. They are both drinking, which is evident from the somewhat choppy dialogue. The encounter seems choppy as well. At first the two men seem like strangers but…

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  • The Character Of Abel Magwitch In Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

    Emily Nguyen Mr. Whitmore Honors English 1 December 2, 2014 Great Expectations Character Essay “Strange how sometimes strangers start feeling like family while families start becoming strangers in our life.” –unknown Abel Magwitch, a perceived villain, is introduced into the novel Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens as an unnamed, escaped convict and Pip’s utmost horror. Although the beginning chapters lead the reader to believe “the convict” is a dangerous and cruel individual, he…

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  • Penelope Voncrink Analysis

    brain for ideas. After calming down from such a horrific dream, Penelope streched her arms for she felt as stiff as a brick. She tried to move her arms out, but for some reason, they wouldn’t move. “How strange,” Penelope thought, “I have never felt so tight. It must have been the dream. I think I should just get up and start walk around to loosen up.” But as Penelope tried to turn and sit up, she found that she was unable to do any movement at all. “I have never felt so tight in my whole life!”…

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  • Analysis Of The Gulliver's Travel By Jonathan Swift

    illhealth began to trouble him, and he took a turn for the worse until hisdeath on 19th October 1745. Swift's age was an age in which therewas an abundance of political controversies and ideological clashes,particularly within the Church. Swift and his contemporaries, likePope, Steele and Addison, satirized prominent institutions as well aspolitical figures in their writings. The idea that humans are not meant to know everything and that all understanding has a natural limit can be seen imbibed…

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  • Representation Of Ithaca In Homer's Odyssey

    return to from the savage and uncivilised lands he journeys through. Homer uses this representation of Ithaca as the ideal Greek community to both emphasise the differences and lack of civilisation in other communities – such as in the land of the Cyclopes – and draw comparisons between more civilised communities encountered by Odysseus, in particular that of the Phaecians. This allows Homer to create some communities which would appear even more alien and magical to his audience, and some which…

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  • Meursault Absurdism

    Man recognizes the Absurd when he feels that the world becomes strange and inhuman. He no longer recognizes the beauty in nature; he views the world for what it is - strange and incoherent. The feeling of being a stranger to society is prevalent in Meursault's life, and because of this he is a symbol for the absurd. His interactions with society cause him to be an outcast. His truth to every itation leads to the people within the society to turn against him for his strange and inhuman honesty.…

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