Stranger In A Strange Land Analysis

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This paper will review and evaluate the article written by Carole M. Cusack, the professor at the University of Sydney. The article is called “Science Fiction as Scripture: Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and the Church of All Worlds” and was published in journal Literature and Aesthetics in 2009. At that point professor Cusack was already a recognized expert on Religion Studies and Contemporary Religious Trends. She received her Bachelor degree in Religious Studies and English Literature in 1986. In 1996 she got her Ph.D. in Studies in Religion and her Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology in 2001. Professor Cusack has been teaching Studies on Religion since 1989.
As it mentioned above in the foregoing review
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Heinlein’s personal and sexual freedom are seen by Cusack as a political freedom (quote). In addition to that, professor presents some critical interpretations of the novel, made by other researchers (example). The critical readings by such different scholars not merely add credibility to the piece as a whole but also provide us with the diverse range of views on the novel. Thus, as it was mentioned above, this part can be of a great help to the people who are at the beginning of their research on Stranger in a Strange Land and have not decided towards particular …show more content…
In these sections, the professor explains the existing premises, such as the intergenerational conflict in the 1960s, time of doubting the traditional Christian values and need in new spiritual inspirations (quote). Therefore, new spiritual aspirations were presented by different models of seeking wisdom. In Cusack’s view that allowed a fictional writing to become a basis of a new religious community during this

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