Strategic bombing during World War II

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  • Fire And Fury Analysis

    War is hell…..This is even more so with the technology build up in the post World War I period that brought new challenges to allied military leaders and a tremendous dichotomy in United States aviation warfare strategy of World War II. Both in Fire and Fury by Randall Hansen, and Herman Wolk’s Cataclysm: General Hap Arnold and the Defeat of Japan, follow key allied leaders and their bombing strategies. In Fire and Fury, Hansen asserts that the American daylight precision bombing was more humane and inline “of a perfect synthesis of American attributes: a belief in the importance of morality in politics, optimism, and a commitment to the technological pioneering.”(p. 40) The author presents the British air strategy, under the leadership of Air Marshal Harris, using area night-time bombing that had a tremendous toll directly on German civilians, the city centers, and residential areas. Hansen proclaims that area bombing not only failed to win the war, it probably prolonged it.(p. 281)…

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  • The Horrors Of War In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

    American prisoner of war, was captured in Germany, and then was transferred to the city of Dresden. Throughout the novel, Billy Pilgrim suffers flashbacks of the horrors of war, specifically those associated with the bombing of Dresden. By narrating the novel through the voice of Billy, Vonnegut conveys his belief that war is absurd, exemplified by the causes and effects of the firebombing of Dresden. A war can have a number of causes that lead to horrific consequences such as the…

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  • Strategic Bombing Essay

    Of all of the aims of strategic bombing throughout the course of World War II, many of them were never reached. Several of the most well-known attempts to bomb large cities are the London Blitz, the bombing of Dresden and Hamburg among other German cities, and the fire-bombing of Tokyo, as well as the atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The preliminary aim of strategic bombing was to destroy infrastructure, however this failed due to the lack of accuracy of these bombs. Aims evolved…

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  • US Restrictive Limitations During The Vietnam War

    During the Cold War era, American’s foreign policy was focused on the regression of communist expansion. The primary political objective was its containment. Presidents’ administrations were worried about communism spreading through the “domino” theory, the communism spreading and the zero sum game., Each loss of a country in Southeastern Asia would have a negative impact on America’s prestige. Since 1947, strategy had the the greatest impact on the employment of American airpower and…

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  • Essay On Impact Of Aviation

    technology, a strategic revolution often matches it. The industrial revolution and steam power completely swung the strategic advantage from the offensive to the defensive, evidenced through the Civil War. In the context of the Navy, one of the latest technological innovations is aviation; it was being integrated into the Navy before World War I, but wasn’t advanced enough to be of any major strategic use until World War II. For this reason, the strategic and tactical impact of aviation is most…

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  • How Did Douhet Change The Nature Of War

    One of the greatest changes that occurred in the strategy of warfare took place during the 20th century. This was the development and deployment of the airplane. The strategic prowess that airplanes provided during times of war was unprecedented. It was very different than all the other types of weaponry that was used during conflicts, such as ground troops, tanks and ships. This was because “the access [an airplane] provides makes it a faster, more flexible, and more precise than any other…

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  • Ww2 Ethical Analysis

    However, it stands as one of the most applauded decisions in US History for decisively ending World War II. As a society, the United States has readily accepted our devastating World War II actions, but in the modern perspective, any direct attacks on civilians are unethical and objected to. Why is this double standard currently accepted, and what has led to this difference in standards from…

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  • General Curtis Lemay: Iron Ass Grenade

    “Iron Ass” Grenade The Second World War held the developments as well as progress in technology that came as a result of the lessons learned in the First World War. However, the area with the most improvement was in the effectiveness of airpower. Airpower had previously been used for reconnaissance and photography. It was only towards the end of World War I that the technology to fit planes with guns and artillery was developed so it did not have much strategic effect on the outcome of the…

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  • Why Did President Truman's Decision To Use The Atomic Bomb

    In the first week of August 1945, the world saw the first and only use of nuclear weapons in warfare. The United States use of the atomic bombs on Japan, One of the most controversial decisions in history, resulted in the death of over 130,000 people and caused un-predicted effects on physical health and economic relations upon the world. Historians contrast the effects brought upon the world and justifications for using the atomic bombs as a solution to ending the war. The atomic bombs changed…

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  • Causes Of Auschwitz-Birkenau Bombing

    The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was most notably the worst of all of the German concentration camps in World War II. This camp the highest percentage of Jews that were murdered in this camp. It went from a work/concentration camp to a death/extermination (whichever you prefer to call it) camp, especially towards the end of the war. Many historians have an ongoing debate regarding the likelihood of the American military not bombing the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration/extermination…

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