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  • Santa Costanza Essay

    Santa Costanza, an ancient church of Rome, depicts more than a building. Representing an early treasure of Italy, this church illustrates a great masterpiece of architecture. A circular structure outside the walls of ancient Rome, Via Nomentana, was built as a mausoleum for Constantina, daughter of Constantine I (Poetschke 52). The ambulatory is surrounded by a central dome and the building is constructed as a tholos related design. The structure has survived stability in its original form, but despite the damage it has undergone over the past centuries, it stands in great condition. However, Santa Costanza is more than its prestigious mosaics and centralized planning; it stands as a prime example of early Christian architecture. According to a historical view, the mausoleum was built for commemorating Constantina, daughter of Constantine I. Therefore, the mausoleum is named after her, but as her name appeared differently, Costanza (Poetschke 52). Accounts such as the Liber Pontificalis documents that the emperor built the funerary corridor on the request of his daughter (Loomis 60). Earlier details also report…

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  • Summary Of The Three Heartbreaks Of Belicia Cabral

    salchicha.” (pg 89) She had a crush on him before she herself had grown into her beautiful self. She had to ‘accidently’ bump into him just to get his attention. When she finally got Jack, she never really had him. He told her that they would get married but he (and everyone else) knew he was lying. He kept her a secret from the rest of the world, and only used her when he wanted her. When they are caught, he drops her so fast. This devastates Beli because she is still convinced that he wants…

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  • Somnambulism By Charles Brown Analysis

    topic because it is a primary source and it also relates to my other topics. Cody, Michael. "Sleepwalking into the Nineteenth Century: Charles Brockden Brown’s “Somnambulism”." Journal of the Short Story in English. (2002): October 6, 2017. The story is set on the American frontier between the wilderness and civilization. The narrator of the story is Richard Althorpe. Althorpe resides with his uncle on the countryside in Pennsylvania. Althorpe…

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  • Affectionate Exchange Theory

    Theory and Relational Qualities the authors pose the question “Is it better to give or receive?” (Horan & Booth-Butterfield, 2010). As a human instinctively you would say that both giving as well as receiving affection are equally important what if your mate does not possess the qualities to give or express affection? According to this research “For those individuals who communicate few affectionate messages, this could be an indicator that this individual is dissatisfied in their relationship.…

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  • Analysis Of Oat Bran

    storage (Nagendra Prasad MN, Sanjay KR, Shravya Khatokar M, Vismaya MN and Nanjunda Swamy S, 2011). Fig 1.1 Rice bran Rice bran is greatly nutritious and hence used as a food additive (Luh BS, Liu YK, 1980). The major use of rice bran as an additive in foods is due to the dietary fibers present in it which confer upon it the properties of a good laxative. Sekhon et al. (1997), carried out studies which stated that the bread volume and cookie spread decreased but muffin volume…

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