A Visit from St. Nicholas

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  • An Excerpt From The Epilogue To Grandma's House

    wanted to have it. To please Mollie, Jake turned into a Gangster thug and stole the basket from the store. Mollie saw a white dog near one of the toy store windows. The dog didn’t have a collar and looked like a stray. Mollie saw that the dog was dirty and didn’t have anyone standing near it, and she felt bad for it. Jake dashed out of the store like a true prankster gangster and ran off. The white dog saw Jake and wanted to be a hero to be adopted so he tailed them. Jake saw the dog and ran even faster than before. Jake passed a Santa Claus near a sign that read “Help the Needy this Christmas”. Jake knew Mollie couldn’t see the sneer on the man’s face and that the sign actually read “Help the Greedy this Christmas”. Mollie gave the man her hat but Jake kept the basket, and walked away with Mollie, hat less and cold. Jake and Mollie passed some carolers, and while Jake was in the spirit, Jake howled with them. The white dog saw them and snuck into the group unnoticed. Jake noticed the dog a few minutes later and Jake dashed away. They reached an alley with the white dog on their tail, but shortly after they lost it. They saw children sitting on a couch staring into the chimney with cookies and milk on a table next to them. Mollie was confused, but Jake knew exactly what was going on, those children were waiting for Santa to come. Jake secretly despised Santa because he never got gifts from him although he was a really dog. Mollie wanted to get closer to see the decorations,…

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  • Legends Behind Christmas

    The Legends Behind Holiday Characters St. Nicholas would have to travel 650 miles per second and visit 822 homes a second for every person to receive presents on Christmas. No wonder he eats so many Christmas cookies. 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year for Easter. Just about 120 pounds of Easter candy is purchased annually. From the Easter Bunny to Krampus our childhood tradition for thousands of years have been celebrated by people all over the world. Legends from Germany,…

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  • Differences Between Julius Caesar And Russia

    far worse than the other. Their names were Julius Caesar and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. This essay is about Julius Caesar and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, because they were both leaders, but only Julius was the only one to become a dictator. Nicholas II and Caesar were both loathed leaders who were gruesomely murdered by political rivals. For Julius Caesar a defining moment in his life was the Gallic war and when he became a dictator. The decline of Tsar Nicholas II, began with bloody Sunday…

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  • Christmas Case Study

    In the 21st century Christmas has developed from its original intent. This case study will investigate the social construction of the Christmas that we know today. Social construction is a phenomenon that embodies a set of ideas created by society and is acted upon on though cultural and social practices. Two billion people worldwide celebrate the traditionally Christian holiday of Christmas on December 25th. Christmas trees, Santa Clause, gift-giving, and decorations seem to now dominate the…

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  • Santa Claus: Legendary Theoretic Figures

    The idea of Santa Claus actually originated hundreds of years ago with St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was known for being the one who was always willing to help people who are in need, by actually giving them gifts. Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas or Old Man Christmas. TOOTH FAIRY All thanks to the tooth fairy, children are not afraid of losing their teeth despite of the blood on them. Instead, they get excited because they would get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. The legend says…

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  • Fantasy Figure Research Paper

    These characters should be continued to be taught to younger children to push the creativity, emotional health, and development for many generations to come. References LoBue, V. (2016, December 05). Why It's OK for Kids to Believe in Santa Claus. Retrieved January 22, 2018, from https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-baby-scientist/201612/why-its-ok-kids-believe-in-santa-claus Manosevitz, M., Prentice, N. M., & Texas Univ., A. D. (1976). Some Fantasy Characters of Young Children: An…

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  • Santa Baby Chapter Summaries

    Three novellas ranging from sweet and sassy to steamy. There's a bit of sci fi that involves Vulcan, my first ever demon. I enjoyed stepping out of my element and writing his character. Now to give you just an overview of the three stories: SANTA BABY In keeping with the lighthearted and magical feel of Christmas, Santa Baby, takes that magic and weave a web of love, lust and tingles around Kiera Blakely and Christopher St. Nicholas Brown. What if Santa was real? What if your whispered…

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  • A Christmas Cornucopia Analysis

    Think Santa Claus originates from Greenland? Reconsider. The unshaven old man we as a whole know and love was conceived in Turkey in AD 270. Named Nicholas, he grew up to wind up distinctly a rich and magnanimous minister who covertly offered cash to poor people. He has blessed St Nicholas of Myra, the informal benefactor holy person of individuals in budgetary troubles, and was additionally the supporter holy person of kids and unknown blessings – which prompted to the custom of giving kids…

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  • William Wallace's Braveheart: A True Hero

    English North. Wallace’s leadership contributed immensely through many overwhelming victories for Scotland’s independence and for the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328, the document giving the scots their freedom, 23 years after his death. Even today, almost 711 years later, he is considered a hero and an epitome of success. But how did his leadership affect Scotland’s quest for freedom? UNFINSHED *CHILDHOOD*Wallace was born around Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland in 1270 CE to…

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  • Three Important Reasons For The Crusades

    Essay I. Three important reasons for the crusades were to acquire the Holy Land, salvation, and religion. The crusades were a series of wars fought between Muslims and Christians. It all started with the Christians being banned from Jerusalem and Pope Urban II talking people into war. Jerusalem is a very sacred ground for both Christians and Muslims, therefore it is important for all followers of these religions to visit at least once. The Christians before being banned, had to pay fees to get…

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