Differences Between Julius Caesar And Russia

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Two men who were both leaders, but one was far worse than the other. Their names were Julius
Caesar and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. This essay is about Julius Caesar and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, because they were both leaders, but only Julius was the only one to become a dictator. Nicholas II and Caesar were both loathed leaders who were gruesomely murdered by political rivals. For Julius Caesar a defining moment in his life was the Gallic war and when he became a dictator. The decline of Tsar Nicholas II, began with bloody Sunday and ended with his death.
First, about Julius Caesar and the gallic war. According to Bamber from history world, this event happened around the autumn of 52BC. after Caesar was defeated at Vercingetorix, he settled
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Caesar was a strong leader where Tsar Nicholas II was a weak leader. Caesar was ruthless, as mentioned earlier, he was sailing home and decimated a general that demanded attention from him, while sailing around the coast to Asia Minor. As for Tsar Nicholas II, during World War I he took command of the Army of Russia which was complete madness. Russia endured major losses and became extremely povertized and had high inflation, he was then held accountable for his …show more content…
People didn’t like that because that meant the end of the roman tradition of heirs. Tsar Nicholas II was a bad leader, because he made horrible decisions like taking over military even though they were going to lose the war anyway. Also, that Tsar Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia, And Caesar was dictator of Spain, and Gaul. Which later became France and Belgium.

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