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  • Classical Music: Instruments In The Classical Period

    Instruments in classical period, apparently the obvious instrumental innovation in the period was piano, it was being developed even Bach has still arrived in Baroque period, fortunately it actually started become a popular music instrument in classical period. Pianos have a mellow sound, they were more versatile, they can represent dynamics, switching volume changes, damper pedal which present the smooth like freezing and stuff. At this point, the instruments capabilities, it was more use in…

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  • Mozart's Struggles In Classical Music

    Introduction Classical music was the foundation of all the songs we listen to today. These pieces from hundreds of years ago contained strategies and patterns we use today in our music, such as introducing the chorus: a repeated melody in a song that is easy to remember. The Classic period of music also contained many of the most recognized composers, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart was born on January 27th, 1756, and died on December…

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  • Analysis Of Gradual Viderunt Omnes

    The chant melody is from the setting of the Gradual Viderunt Omnes from the Mass for Christmas Day. The original piece features a soloist that performs the psalm verse which alternates with a choir that sings the respond. This verse is extremely ornate, and the respond is also very melismatic. It is the only part of the Mass for Christmas Day that is in mode 5. Because of its highly melismatic nature, it was viewed as an appropriate candidate for future composers to base new works off of with…

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  • Raga Malkauns: Roles Of Music In The Indian Classical Music System

    Abstract—In Indian classical music system Raga is a combination of notes which is able to create pleasing effect. There are various ragas in Hindustani classical music. Here we consider the raga Malkauns which is a popular raga in north Indian music system. Raga Malkauns is used in music therapy predominantly as it is meditative raga and observed to affect the soul. Here the spectral parameters of raga Malkauns are compared with the raga Bhairav and tried to see its impact on blood pressure.…

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  • Analysis Of 13 The London Dungeon

    Assembled on either side of Waterloo Bridge is London's most vital expressions complex, the Southbank Center. Worked in 1951, this huge solid structure incorporates the Royal Festival Hall (home to instrumental and choral exhibitions), the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Purcell Room. These settings offer a gigantic collection of music, and in addition an expansive determination of performing expressions including move and emulate, supper club and parody. The complex additionally incorporates the…

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  • Rossi And Beethoven Comparison

    The nineteenth century was a very important time for music, an age often defined by two composers - Ludwig van Beethoven and Gioachino Rossini. These two composers represented and were key to the development of that era’s musical powerhouses, German instrumental music and Italian opera respectively. Despite the composers’ similar importance to their respective genres, Beethoven and Rossini are often viewed as polar opposites with Beethoven reigning as superior; however, the veracity and…

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  • Music Concert Critique

    Fredi Pritchett Music 110-08B December 2, 106 J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor On November 5, 2016, I attended the J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor music concert at Converse College, featuring a performance by the Spartanburg Festival Chorus. I enjoyed the musical selections performed by the chorus and saw a few familiar faces of some of my classmates at the concert as well. The venue of the concert was very nice and a lot of older people attended the concert. The music of the concert was nice to me and the…

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  • Sinfonia Analysis

    Partita no.2 in c minor, BWV 826 The second partita was announced a little less than a year after the first. Its minor key and the style of the opening sinfonia declare it to be a more serious piece. It is also more conventional, containing a relatively traditional allemande and courante as well as a rondeau, a form favored by Couperin and other French composers but treated sparingly by Bach. Yet these movements are conventional only superficially. The sinfonia, whose initial section looks like…

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  • Music And Rock Music Analysis

    Introduction Ever since I was a little boy, I was surrounded by music, which gave me a chance to get to know many different music genres such as opera, classical music, pop, rock, and more. I have always been inspired by different styles of music, and the primary person responsible for that was my father. Although he passed away in November 28th of 2005, he lived long enough to transmit his experiences in the music industry and the positive way he perceived music. He was a very talented…

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  • Antonio Vivaldi Musical Career

    The Musical Career of Antonio Vivaldi On March 4th, 1648, Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy. His father, a violinist for St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, made sure his son received impeccable training in music during his first years of life. Young Antonio was brought up trained in playing the violin, playing the harpsichord, and as a priest in Venice (“Antonio”; “Classical Net”). 1703 was a pivotal year for Antonio Vivaldi. He was ordained into the priesthood and began working at Pio…

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