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  • Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina Research Paper

    The greatest composer of liturgical music of all time, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina was an Italian born on February 3rd 1525. He took his name from his birthplace of Palestrina. As a youngling Palestrina sang in the streets of Rome while selling his parents farm products. While roaming the streets Palestrina was heard by the choirmaster of the Santa Maria Maggiore who then decided to educate him musically. Palestrina then got the job as an organist in his hometown principal church, St.…

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  • Michael Praetorius Biography

    musicum is one of the main reasons why Praetorius is important as a theorist. His father was a “zealous Lutheran clergyman,” and also had the name of Michael. The Michael Praetorius, his father, came from Bunzlau, Silesia, and was a colleague of Johann Walter. During the Protestant infighting that happened after the Augsburg Interim; he became strict Lutheran. Which is why he lost his position more than once, causing them to move. During his father’s…

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  • St Matthew Passion Song Analysis

    The St Matthew Passion is a sacred song that was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1727. It has interspersed chorales and arias as it sets to music chapters 26 and 27 of the Gospel of Matthew (Leahy, 2011). It is a great masterpiece of classic gospel music of all time. Three different excerpts of the music are analyzed in this paper with a special focus on the form, texture, harmony, relationship between text and music, and the dramatic significance. The main purpose for writing the song was…

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  • Music Has Changed Over Time Essay

    Technology through the years has changed the way that music is acquired and enjoyed. In history, music evolved over time and the introduction of instruments began humans’ love affair with music. Recorded music has changed significantly over the last few decades. People express themselves through music. Music can describe or explain who you are as person. Changes in sound have changed society. In history, in 325 C.E. Constantine declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire…

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  • Vivaldi Sonata Number 3 Essay

    There are many historical perspectives in this event that may be considered important. Many of these perspectives come from the composer, and from the time period a piece was written. These perspectives will give someone an idea regarding what the time period was like when the piece was written. Many composers in the time period lived through events that are well known today, many controversial to this day. Sonata Number 3 was composed by Antonio Vivaldi. Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian…

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  • Son Jarocho Analysis

    Son Jarocho is a regional Mexican son musical style, where the artists using three main instrument which are jarana jarocho, requinto jarocho, and son jarocho harp. First is the two regional instruments which are jarana and requinto jarocho, jarana is an eight strings, guitar type that carved from a solid piece of wood and usually used for mãnicos. Then is the requinto jarocho which is also a small guitar type and has four strings and also it carved from a solid piece of wood and usually used…

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  • Cello Suite Part 1: The Critique Of Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the great composers of his time. His Cello Suite #1 was one of his well-known works and very much recognizable still today. I have heard this specific piece several times throughout my life but have never really taken the time to interpret its meaning. I immediately enjoyed listening to it and felt intrigued to further my study of this piece after my initial review of it. After reviewing the piece several times, I realized not only is it the simplicity of one…

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  • Baroque Vs Classical Music

    The Baroque and Classical eras of music were both amazing periods full of musical genius and ingenuity that has made them go down in history as some of the most influential time periods for music composition. Among some of the most praised and defining pieces from those time periods include Dido’s “Lament” from Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” from the Baroque period, while pieces such as “Queen of The Night” from W.A Mozart’s “Magic Flute” exemplify the Classical period. These pieces both exhibit…

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach's Music

    Today I will be talking about Johann Sebastian Bach and sharing the joys of his music. Bach was born in 1685 in Eisenach, in what appears to have been the Holy Roman Empire at the time, he also seems to have died in the Holy Roman Empire in 1750, Leipzig. At the time of his birth, many of his family members were musicians, including all of his uncles, this lead to any local musician being jokingly called a ‘Bach’ since the Bach family was so prominent at the time. Since his family was full of…

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  • Illuminations Concert Report

    General Reaction: The concert I attended entitled “Illuminations” was located at the Sottile Theatre, an old historical building on the College of Charleston campus. The theatre was very nice and elegant. The decor there is very eclectic with bright red carpeting throughout and classical pictures decorating the walls. I felt like I was in an old plantation house. We arrived at the theatre thirty minutes early and were able to take in the sights completely before the concert began. My wife…

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