Basic Laws of Israel

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  • Gender Discrimination Against Women In Israel

    There is common idea in Israel that the standing for women, economically, socially and culturally has improved enormously in recent years, particularly the last two decades, and that mainstream society in Israel is moving towards an era of full and complete equality, regardless of gender. This opinion is extremely encouraging to many women and young girls have high aspirations for their part in Israeli society. It is also encouraging to men in Israel, who now can believe that their wives, daughters, friends and all women live in a world that treats them with the respect and fairness that they deserve. Looking back, women in Israel have been treated poorly and as second class citizens for generations. The Israeli Declaration of Independence…

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  • The UN Resolution 24-42: A Brave New World

    The UN Resolution 242 states “withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict” (Tal, “Arab-Israeli”). When this statement is translated into other official UN languages “the” precedes “territories”. Only the English translation lacks the term “the” in front of “territories”. Since the Israeli’s used the English translation they were not forced to give up the occupied territories instead only some. Palestine and their allies such as Egypt, Jordan, and Syria…

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  • Causes Of The Israeli-Palestine Conflict

    The Israel Palestine conflict is not as complicated as people may think. The two nations have been fighting for many years. The objective of the war has always been for the possession of the greater territory. This war has been destroying and separating families from both sides. The area, Palestine, that both nations have been fighting for, is an area in the Middle East, bounded to the west by the Mediterranean, to the north by Lebanon, to the south by the Sinai Desert, and to the east by the…

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  • Political Impact Of Judaism

    Foundation - Judaism was founded in the ancient region of Canaan, which is the biblical name for the land that lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. The area is modern day Israel and Palestinian territories. Abraham is regarded by the Jewish people as the father of the religion. They believe that God spoke to Abraham, and told him that he would be the leader of a great people, but only if Abraham followed God’s instructions. Moses was a biblical figure who led the Jews out of…

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  • Solzhenitsyn's 'Gulag Boss: A Soviet Memoir'

    Last Zion and read through its seven pages. I am uncertain which text is more terrifying. Grandiose fatalistic vaticinations abound in Krauthammer’s piece. American Jewry, we are told, will decline and ultimately disappear. Later on we read that Israel, the renascent Jewish homeland, is “the last hope.” Though we are afforded little in the way of argument, Krauthammer asserts that despite the Jews having survived exile and national tragedy twice-over, a third time would apparently prove fatal.…

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  • Invasion Of Israel Essay

    Geographically, the nation of Israel is situated in the Middle East and comparatively smaller in size than the state of New Jersey, U.S. According to the map above, Israel falls to the south east of Mediterranean sea, and adjoins the Gulf of Aqaba and Sinai Peninsula to the to the south and southwest respectively. Along its borderline, the nation shares a length of 147 miles and 189 miles with the Hashemite kingdom and Palestinian Autonomous Area correspondingly. The area is conjoined with the…

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  • Case Study: Adanim

    located in the Benjamin Region of Israel is home to Adanaim Tea. Adanim a leading tea manufacturer that produces and supplies a wide variety of unique herbal teas, caffeine free teas, and organic teas. Adanim Tea produces it tea organically to protect both the natural environment and the health of each customer. Amazingly, each blend of Tea produced by Adanim, is tailored to complement and enhance various health diets. Examples provided by Adanim, mention seaweed and grapefruit, which aid the…

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  • Democracy In Israel

    Parliamentary PR systems have been systematized in the literature as the “most” democratic regime, viewing the case of Israel through the lens of modernization theory as well as Bellin’s requisites for authoritarianism, it is evident that the suppression of women and minorities, as well as the existence of a credible threat provides plausible explanation for a drop in democracy over the time span of 1967-1999. Due to its unique beginning, Israel’s fluctuations in democracy cannot be analyzed…

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  • Damascus Document And The Rule Of The Community: An Analysis

    In his Antiquities, he described the Essenes as people who “send votive offerings to the temple but perform their sacrifices employing a different ritual of purification.” Joesphus’ description of the Essene sect is like what was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Jewish Sectarians from both the Damascus and the Rule of the Community rejected Israel’s main religious ideology because these Jews thought they God chose them as the holy remnant of Israel and that the mainstream Jewish religious…

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  • Mental Health Consequences Of War

    Srinivasa and Rashmi Lakshminarayana, which discusses the many factors that have been affected by the living conditions of Occupied-Palestine. The authors focus mainly on the mental health of the population in result to the trauma. According to their data, there has been an increase in the development of mental disorders and other behaviors such as PTSD, aggressive behavior, and low grades in school. In order to gain more insight of the traumas inflected upon the Palestinian people by Israel,…

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