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  • Diet Basics Research Paper

    Diet Basics – it seems like a contradiction of terms; Everyday we hear many people talking and arguing about their diet. But what is really a diet and is there any such thing as diet basics? By definition, the word “diet” refers to what a person eats or drinks during the course of a day. A diet is a combination of foods and liquids that provide the necessary nutrients for the body. When talking about diet basics, there are some additional aspects that must be considered: a diet usually limits portions to a very small size or excludes certain food entirely in order to promote weight loss and/or prevent obesity. It has been shown that most diets may not be effective over the long term. Rather, the average person is likely to miss certain foods…

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  • Mina Shaughnessy Diving In

    “Diving In: An Introduction to Basic Writing” by Mina Shaughnessy In this article, Shaughnessy argues that educators need to start examining their own teaching and learning processes and the complex and contextual needs of their students, instead of focusing on what students can be doing differently. She points out that basic writing students are not behind and need to “catch up” to any particular level, but there must been a more effective means of communication needs to be established between…

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  • How Does Poverty Affect Society

    Well based off my research I found two basic guaranteed income models: The universal basic income referred to as UBI and the negative income tax referred to as NIT. The less expensive of the two models, the NIT has an income cutoff point where if you made less, your taxes are negative. This means instead of paying the government, the government pays you after you file your taxes. This may pose a problem though. Say everything is going fine and dandy, then right after filing your taxes, you lose…

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  • Reading Research Essay: The Value Of Historical Knowledge

    In my view, Venezky aligned with the value of historical knowledge, especially in teaching and learning. This explains his interest in highlighting the history of reading research. His work “The History of Reading Research” gave a comprehensive account of transition period in reading literacy. It traces contemporary issues in reading research from 1870s to 1970s. The…

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  • Should Students Know Their Major Essay

    The students should know their major before they start college! Choosing a college major is an important part in a student life. It is the major that helps the student to know what to study. It decides the student’s career future. The major helps a student to find his correct career. If a student fails to find his right major it affects his whole life. Sometimes the students do not know exactly what they want to study once they begin their college education. When they have no idea about the…

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  • Successful Effective Leaders

    my strengths are. As I study more, I know what my strengths are. Moreover, the Clifton StrengthsFinder provides useful categories for me to utilize my strengths in the future. 1. Re-read the section of Strengths-Based Leadership that addresses the four basic needs of followers. Evaluate yourself on how well you provide each of these to your followers (even better, also ask an employee or a co-worker to evaluate you). Which come easily to you and which do you need to improve on in order to meet…

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  • Health Psychology Personal Statement

    Like every child, I went through the ubiquitous “why” stage where I posed this question even to the smallest, most mundane events of life. Filled with genuine curiosity and fascination, I desired to understand the ornate workings of the world. Unlike the majority of children, however, I did not lose this fervor and drive to find answers. This inquisitiveness laid the foundation for my interest in research work. Growing up, my family placed a tremendous emphasis on health, fitness, and…

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  • Unfair Income Inequality

    Introduction For several years now, Americans have been struggling in today’s economy simply due to unfair income distribution. Income inequality is a growing issue today and many economists have noticed that this issue needs to be resolved in order to see steady improvement with the economy. Barack Obama even addressed the issue himself and stated that income inequality is now the main reason why the economy has yet to make a major improvement over the years. Which makes sense in economic…

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  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits (SNAP)

    Got milk? That is about all I can afford with my Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP, formally known as food stamps) along with bread and eggs, monthly. Seriously, I am a low income college student and I receive only a minimum amount of snap benefits. SNAP requirements should be changed due to irresponsible and lazy people abusing the system. Currently it is difficult for deserving people to receive SNAP benefits due to income and employment status. Being a college…

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  • Effective Altruism

    Volunteering should be viewed as equal to donating since not everyone is able to donate depending on their cost of living and income. These individuals use their paychecks to support their family’s basic necessities to survive and volunteering may be the only good they can do. On another note, individuals can also pursue a career they enjoy with an average income rather than an unhappy, well-paid career and still be able to donate along with volunteering to maximize their impact which will…

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