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  • Christianity In The Primary Chronicles

    In The Primary Chronicles, the establishment of Christianity is strategic via the characterization of two female characters, Anna and Olga. In Kievan Rus’, women are expected to be passive; they must serve their husband and worship God. The concept of passivity is widely associated with Christianity whereas activity is perceived to be pagan. Anna is a representative of this ideal because she accepts Vladimir’s marriage proposal in exchange for the conversion of Rus. Olga, on the contrary, emanates a quite violent, pagan like character when she ferociously avenges her husband 's death. In a sense, Christianity strikes a parallel to Anna while Paganism parallels Olga’s character. These seemingly different female characters share the same purpose in that they are used as tools to promote a Christian narrative. It is important to acknowledge the scribes, who purposefully write this text through a Christian lens. To complete the Christian teleology, they must reject the very hyper-masculine concept of “taking” cultures, which is associated with Paganism to contrast it with the welcoming, more feminine non-violent Christianity. Nevertheless, the monastic scribes do a sleight of hand because that they need to use the masculine, pagan culture in order to establish Christianity. While it seems like Christianity is being established through the instances in which we witness the idealized, passive acceptance values emitted by Anna and Olga, a closer examination, however, reveals that…

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  • Chicken Parmesan Recipe

    When grocery shopping, I prefer to buy the Dell’Amore brand, sweet basil and garlic flavored sauce, that can be found at Publix. Marinara is another expensive component of our recipe, but purchasing an Italian made sauce will create a more authentic taste and you will have extra supplies that can be used in making other recipes. When marinara is poured onto the chicken it should nearly cover the cutlets, almost creating a red layer over the meat. The sixth step is to prepare our cheese. Having…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of The Third Ecumenical Council

    Council of Constantinople, was required. The Council of Nicaea condemned Arius, a man who claimed that the nature of Christ was finite and lesser than Christ (Arius, 2016). The next council, that of Constantinople, condemned the heresy of Macedonius, which viewed the Holy Spirit as a power of God and inferior to the Father and Son (Simonetti, 2006, 808). Essentially, both defined the nature of Christ and the Trinity and removed heresies from the church. Unfortunately, the controversy…

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  • Toward The African Revolution Franz Fanon Analysis

    equality meant liberating themselves from colonial rule. African-Americans aspired to gain the civil rights and respect they rightfully deserved as American citizens. During such a pivotal moment in time, authors across the world reported on the means by which people of afro-descent planned to achieve their goals. This analysis will focus on the work of Basil Davidson, Frantz Fanon, Jones Merriweather, and Penny Von Fischer to determine the contrasting attitudes of optimism and pessimism towards…

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  • Kama Sutra

    the human life, and empowers women while showing the socio-political situation of India during the time. The historical setting the Kama Sutra was written in plays a large factor in the content and methods the text uses. The Kama Sutra, like most texts and artifacts from ancient India, does not have a specific date it was written. It is commonly accepted among the scholarly community, however, to have been written between 300 CE and 700 CE, in the 3rd century. During this time, the Gupta dynasty…

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  • Daniel Chapter 4 Summary

    to be one of superficiality and arrogance. This presents itself well in this chapter in seeing the King’s attitude towards God. At this time the King has seen God strongly in through the testimony of Daniel, so much so that he refers to Daniel in this chapter as being filled with the “spirit of the holy ghost.” The King has seen Daniel’s God interpret dreams, and spare Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from certain death. Each time the King is left singing the praises of their God, yet this…

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  • Michael Myers The Monstrosity Of Humans

    Monstrosity, defined as a grossly malformed animal, plant, or person would show the exact wording of the phrase. Understanding the exact term helps us identify Monster. Monsters, usually recognized as an imaginary creature described as typically large, ugly, and frightening, but they differ in classifications such as reanimated monsters, ecological monsters, human monsters, and technological monsters. The truth is, monsters come in different shapes and sizes. In this case we will identify and…

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  • The Influence Of Technology In Ancient Egypt

    Egypt was expanded to Syria, Nubia, and farther south to the Fourth Cataract drastically improving Egyptian influence, lessening its chances of being attacked. Under Thutmose I, Egypt became the first empire to command western Asia. Not only was Egypt expanding and gaining prosperity, but it was also able to attain peace with other countries who did not dare invade. With the open of the New Kingdom and the defeat of the Hyksos, however, came a new array of enemies, one of which was the Hittites.…

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  • Psycho Film Analysis

    Hitchcock’s Psycho, from ‘Inside Norman Bates’ and ‘The World Inside Its Image’ The benchmark of horror films could easily be Hitchcock’s most revered work ‘Psycho’ (1960). The black and white filmscape does not downplay the crimson colour of blood spiralling down the plughole after Marion’s fatal stabbing, nor the shock of Norman’s mothers sunken eye sockets. It’s 2015 and this is the first time I have properly been introduced to the film however as a testament to its making I had nightmares…

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  • Copper Masks

    The essay “Kings, Crowns, and Rights of Succession: Obalufon Arts at Ife and Other Yoruba Centers” by Suzanne Preston Blier argues that Copper mask said to represent Ife king Obalufon II is related to the succession of rulers and that its symbolism comes from Obalufon II’s time as a ruler as well as his deification (386). This article is effective because of its meticulous examination of the history of Obalufon II, Ife history and other works relating to the mask. Blier begins the essay by…

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