Chicken Parmesan Recipe

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The first component of our recipe is obviously chicken; our recipe makes enough to serve four and therefore calls for four cutlets. When grocery shopping, be sure to look for the skinniest slices of meat available. Thinly sliced chicken is very important to the flavor of our recipe because the denser the meat, the less our herbs, marinara sauce and cheese will absorb and create strong flavor. The first step in making chicken parmesan is to prepare the meat. Take the chicken out of the packaging and place it on a chopping board. To make the meat less dense, one should cut off any fatty areas of the meat. Next, the chicken will need to be tenderized. The preferred method of doing this would be to use a meat tenderizer and beat the chicken. Meat …show more content…
When grocery shopping, I prefer to buy the Dell’Amore brand, sweet basil and garlic flavored sauce, that can be found at Publix. Marinara is another expensive component of our recipe, but purchasing an Italian made sauce will create a more authentic taste and you will have extra supplies that can be used in making other recipes. When marinara is poured onto the chicken it should nearly cover the cutlets, almost creating a red layer over the meat. The sixth step is to prepare our cheese. Having fresh cheese is almost as important as Fresh herbs because this ingredient provides a large amount of flavor. Parmesan and Mozzarella are the specific kinds that will be used in this recipe. The best tasting cheeses that you can buy are Parmesan Reggiano (the actual block of cheese) and Sargento’s shredded Mozzarella, both available at Publix. You will need to shred the Parmesan Reggiano with a cheese grader before sprinkling it over the cutlets. A cheese grader is a metal sheet with holes that when cheese is rubbed against, shredded pieces will be made. Go ahead and shred the entire block even though you will not use that much because it can be stored for later use inside a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. If you do not have a cheese grader, or are unable to purchase one, pre-shredded Parmesan can be purchased, however, it will most likely not provide the exact same taste. Once you have prepared both cheeses, about a fourth of a cup of each will be sprinkled over our skillet, creating a thick white layer over the marinara sauce. If a fourth of a cup of each does not create a thick enough layer, add up to an eighth of a cup extra of each

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