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  • Colonization In Algeria

    country, Algeria is a country that immediately comes to mind. It is a country whose culture, as well as conflicts, has been almost entirely rooted as a lasting legacy of colonization. Algeria is located in Northern Africa, possessing a terrain that is generally split into the mountainous Mediterranean of the north and the deserts (including the Sahara) of the south (Algeria) .In order to understand how the French maintained such a strong hold in Algerian policy and culture, it is important to understand some historical context of the country. Algeria had been previously occupied by the Ottoman empire, until they were ultimately invaded by the French in 1830 (Balch). Algerians…

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  • Colonization In Algeria Essay

    The colony of Algeria was one of many that was established by the French in order to rectify their diminishing image on the international spectrum. Throughout history, the nation of France has seemed to be in the shadows of Great Britain as well as struggling to keep up with their advancements. Throughout the 19th century, France experienced its fair share of losses, bad leaders, and through their eyes, national embarrassment. The revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s which…

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  • Rai Music In Algeria Analysis

    The word rai music has been able to create a distinct place in the Algerian history. The word rai means opinion. In the Algerian society, this genre of music has had a controversial position. Rai started off more as an expression of taboo topics, such as sexuality. It was the singer’s way of expressing their opinions and feeling about such taboo topics. So generally, in a growingly conservative society, rai was seen as “dirty,” “impure” and was looked down upon. In this paper, I am to look at…

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  • Examples Of French Imperialism

    Imperialism of France and Algeria Imperialism was a powerful force around the world throughout the 1800s. One place that was greatly affected by Imperialism was Africa. Imperialism is when a country exploits a weaker country for resources, new markets, or Nationalist gain. Powers such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal were scrambling for land in Africa. These European powers wanted the resources and land in Africa. The European’s were able to defeat African tribes due…

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  • Great Britain Vs British Imperialism

    others” (Roberts,98). With their advanced weaponry the colonial powers were able to maintain “the suppression of inter-tribal warfare” (Roberts,98). The significance of this was that they were able to solve some of the problems that the natives had to begin with, but at the same time they introduced many new ones that they have never seen before. Another aspect that the colonial powers had brought the natives was Christianity and education. “European language, Christian monogamy… [and] literacy…

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  • Reasons For French Imperialism

    These effects can be found in multiple areas of Algerian life and culture. One such area is that of language. The prolonged presence of French peoples in Algeria meant that the French language inevitably permeated everyday Algerian life. The long-term effects of this permeation can be seen in the mounting attention that francophone authors have been receiving from renowned critics and competitions. Yet, while “the awarding of prestigious literary prizes to francophone Maghrebian authors has…

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  • Et Teffeh Play Analysis

    On September 7th, Indiana University Cinemas presented an Algerian play called “Et’teffeh” (means “Apples”). This is a popular play in Algeria, which successfully revealed the traditional culture and tradition of Algeria. Only three actors played the whole play, however actors are all experienced, which made the content more interesting. Istijman, the organization that takes the responsibilities of this play, is a small experimental theater organization that wants to spread the culture of…

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  • Summary Of Malek Alloula's The Colonial Harem

    In The Colonial Harem, Algerian author Malek Alloula analyzes the French colonial gaze on his native country and particularly its women through the historical record of postcards made from 1900 to 1930. Alloula argues that the postcards were a form of symbolic assault on the veiled and private women of Algeria, who were played in them by paid models, as denizens of the colonial fantasy of the harem, as created by Orientalism. In the first chapter “The Orient as Stereotype and Phantasm,” Alloula…

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  • Essay On Indian Imperialism

    astounded about being controlled by a foreign power. First, looking at Africa we should look at the situation in Algeria. (don’t know what to write boob) In India things also did not go over to well with the natives. At first things seemed to be going smooth until the British did not take into account the relgion of the natives. They felt disrespected in one specific case when they were equipped with the brand new enfield rifles because the sepoys had to bite of the cartridges which had pig…

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  • Literary Style In The Guest By Albert Camus

    From previous biographical information (J-46), anybody can discover that his mother had “to remain virtually all her life in Algiers, and the equation Maman=Algerie= Maman” remained prevalent to him all his life. Thus, one of the reasons that Camus’ short story, “The Guest”, takes place in Algeria has to be closely correlated with his mother. The first instance of the novel taking place in remote Algeria is, “Then Dar had spent long hours in his room, leaving it only to go to the shed and feed…

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