Examples Of French Imperialism

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Imperialism of France and Algeria
Imperialism was a powerful force around the world throughout the 1800s. One place that was greatly affected by Imperialism was Africa. Imperialism is when a country exploits a weaker country for resources, new markets, or Nationalist gain. Powers such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal were scrambling for land in Africa. These European powers wanted the resources and land in Africa. The European’s were able to defeat African tribes due to their more advanced weapons. The European powers met in a conference to divide Africa amongst themselves without considering the tribes who had already lived there. One specific example of Imperialism was France and Algeria.
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In 1945, Indochina was taken back by Japan. One reason France started imperialism in Africa was to regain power that had been lost during the Napoleonic Wars and the Seven Years Wars. After the Napoleonic Wars, France had lost a lot of power during the meeting of the Congress of Vienna. France’s motivation for imperialism in Africa was to strengthen the French economy. They also wanted to gain more land that had been lost. This would help the French pay their indemnity to Prussia and recover from the Great Depression in the 1870s. French imperialists also intended to spread their ideas of the enlightenment and to glorify French culture. The Berlin Conference gave France a chance to gain power and become one of Europe’s greatest powers again. Other reasons for French imperialism were religion, trade, and resources. France wanted to spread their religion to other countries. The French established their Catholic religion in the places they took over. The French wanted to trade more because they had never been able to be very successful with trade. France imperialized places that had resources such as oil, tin, gold, diamonds, coal, and iron. Once they had conquered an area the French …show more content…
Although, before this in 1827, there had been a three year blockade set up by France against Algeria. This was because it was said that a French Consul was hit three times by Dey Hussein with a fly whisk. He did this after the French Consul had failed to answer his question about France’s debt to Algeria. France retaliated by setting up the blockade. This could have made Algeria more of a target for French imperialism. The French took over Algeria in 1830, under the orders of the king, Charles X. The French invaded Algeria to gain land, and to take their raw materials to make a profit. The French were able to take over Algeria quickly due to their more advanced weapons. Although the Algerians opposed the imperialist act. This started a war from 1832 to 1837. The resistance leader for Algeria was Abd al Qadir. Abd al Qadir was able to gain control of about two-thirds of Algeria by 1839, with the support of tribes in Algeria. Abd al Qadir was later defeated in 1847, by a French commander named The French used the direct rule form of imperialism. The French did not treat the Algerians well and took away many of their freedoms. The French restricted the Algerian rights to hold public meetings, own firearms, and leave their village without permission. The French rules were strict and firm. In Algeria, the French controlled education, business, government, and other parts of Algerian

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