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  • The Political Outcomes Of The Arab Spring Uprisings

    more democratic lifestyle. Thus, when Middle Easterners began becoming more fed up with oppressive regimes, the desire for a revolution emerged. The political outcomes of the Arab Spring uprisings were different for each country involved. While civil war arose in some countries, other countries did not have substantial revolts; there were even states that became so weak that their government collapsed entirely. On the contrary, the political outcomes of both Tunisia and Egypt post-Arab Spring faced different outcomes, Egypt returned back to an authoritarian regime as a result of a decrease in political and civil freedoms and Tunisia became the only country that achieved a democracy. During the beginning of the uprisings, both countries got their start similarly, however, as time progressed, the outcomes for these two states have proven to be…

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  • Examples Of French Imperialism

    in Africa. These European powers wanted the resources and land in Africa. The European’s were able to defeat African tribes due to their more advanced weapons. The European powers met in a conference to divide Africa amongst themselves without considering the tribes who had already lived there. One specific example of Imperialism was France and Algeria. At the start of the year 1827, France started to colonize African countries. In addition to Algeria, France imperialized Senegal, The Ivory…

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  • The Influence Of Social Media On The Arab Spring

    How Tunisia’s Revolution Began by Al-Jazeera and How a fruit seller caused revolution in Tunisia by CNN. These articles both discuss the role of Mohamed Al Bouazizi in the triggering of Tunisian revolution and the Arab Spring at large. Firstly, the images which accompany the articles differ greatly. The article by Al-Jazeera features a distorted image of former Tunisian president, Zine Ben Ali which had been caricatured to make a mockery of him. However, CNN’s article features a photo of the…

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  • Tourism Shootings In Tunisia

    The shootings had a tremendous negative impact on some tourist visitors coming to Tunisia on their holidays. Tour operator 's such as Thomas Cook have begun to market Tunisia differently to potential visitors after the attacks and have been offering holidays to Tunisia to the public with up to a 50% discount, desperately trying not to lose valuable customers (Thornhill, 2015). Tunisia has recently launched new tourism campaigns using clever puns with an aim to attract holidaymakers back to their…

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  • Marianne In Chains By Robert Gilde An Analysis

    During World War II, France had given in an signed an armistice of peace. France was easily invaded because things were all over the place. France was not a united nation, they had a disorganized army, no formal government, and a wrong assumed attack plan. Ultimately, there was a feeling of French weakness but with a good reason. France wanted to save anything they could to preserve their culture and politics. Marianne in Chains, written by Robert Gildea explores the daily lives of the French…

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  • Tunisia Arab Spring

    intervene in these intra-state conflicts during the Arab Spring, let us consider the situation of the countries of the MENA region before the implication of the American government. Moreover, to further comprehend why the United States choose to intervene in some conflicts like in the case of Libya instead of others such as Bahrain or Syria the aftereffects of some of them shall be examined. There were only a few who had predicted that Tunisia would start the Arab Spring. Therefore, Tunisia’s…

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  • France In The 19th Century

    France in the nineteenth century hit on some of the darker parts of modernity on its journey to the France of today. There were many events and attitudes that a good portion of French men and women would like to forget. Many governmental officials, historians, and citizens of that time period repressed or consciously used policies and writings to perpetuate a myth that allowed for these same events and attitudes to fall by the wayside. In recent years, revisionist historians, or historians who…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Morocco And Morocco

    Tunisian cuisine to a certain extent is distinct from Moroccan cuisine. All the same Morocco and Tunisia share several gastronomic traditions, owing mainly to their Berber inhabitants, there are likewise vast differences. The difference starts, confusingly, with the names of dishes. Take tagine, for instance. At the mere mention of the word, one immediately thinks of fragrant, subtly spiced stews that often combine sweet with savory. But, in Tunisia, it is a very different affair; a cross…

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  • Importance Of Public Diplomacy

    environment through use of an international communication activity to actively promote a particular policy, idea or that actor’s general interests in the minds of a foreign public”. In the context of the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, the actors that used public diplomacy through advocacy to accomplish their aims were democracy activists in Egypt and Tunisia. They utilized the mechanism of social media for the purpose of public diplomacy through advocacy. The democracy…

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  • The Struggle For Democracy: An Analysis Of The Arab Spring

    The Struggle for Democracy: An Analysis of the Arab Spring On December 17, 2010, a solitary act of protest ignited a fire that would engulf the Islamic world, and usher in a period of democratic struggle that would radically change the political landscape of the Middle East. In her book, Rock the Casbah author Robin Wright clearly correlates the comprehensive struggle for democracy in the Middle East with this single act of protest, the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia, as the…

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