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    My literacy history began when I was in preschool. I cannot not say I remember every detail in my past. However unlike me, Richard Rodriguez seemed to remember most of his literacy history. Rodriguez describes his past in his essay, “The Lonely, Good Company of Books.” Rodriguez explains how he grew up disliking reading because he did not understand why it was important and he had a reading disability. Once Rodriguez finished his reading program he wanted to read as many books that he could. I can relate to Rodrigues because when I was in third grade I had troubles with reading, and because I had troubled reading I came to dislike reading. I later on in my life realized why reading is important. However I do not completely agree with the author. Rodriguez read certain books so that he would have bragging rights. Even though he claimed he read scholarly books, I do not think he fully comprehended what each book was about. Because I do not agree with Rodriguez, I believe people should not read books for bragging rights, I find that reading books should primarily be for enjoyment and for a learning experience. Rodriguez begins his essay about his parents being able to both read and write in Spanish and English. He explains that he never really saw his parents read books, Rodriguez states, “Their reading mainly consist of work manuals, prayer books, newspapers, recipes…” (293). His parents never read for their own pleasure, they usually read when it was necessary. Rodriguez then…

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    vogue of the North area is almost fleshed out. 1.3 the supporting from the society of the Northern Dynasty Besides the geographical and historical factors, the Northern Dynasty itself has the conducive soil to further promote the militarism. First of all, one unique feature of the Northern Dynasty is the many ethnic minorities. "Chinese ancient northern nationalities minority mainly consists of five parts: Xiongnu (represented by hun hun), Donghu (represented by the Xianbei, Khitan, Mongolian),…

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