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  • Ataturk And Secularisation

    that ‘Old Turkey [is] like a dungeon and it ought to be a paradise’, loved by all Turkish. This aligns with ideas of Shinto secular, in that the aim was to create a sense of nationhood and to unify Japan, facilitated through the nation-state, in Turkey, as Keral argues, secularisation was an initiative to enforce a single ideology in opposition to the Ottoman empire in which multiple ideologies, pan-Ottomanism, pan-Islamism and pan-Turkism all existed. Secularisation is a global phenomenon of…

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  • From Natives To Foreigners Analysis

    these “events” be recognized by both, the Armenian Republic and the Turkish State; but, does not create a discourse to clearly answer what transpired? Regardless of the label used, the result was destruction of virtually every Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire, which collapsed after the war. What was left of the country transitioned into the modern-day Republic of Turkey, while a community left devastated, that before was not a target. This sudden shift from fellow brethren to enemy…

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  • The Tragedya Of Soliman And Perseda

    ABSTRACT In the English Renaissance period, many plays are composed which refer to Ottoman Turk. Plays about Ottoman Turks and Turkish history has originated from information and rumors of European sailors and merchants who were captured by Ottoman Empire. When this flow of information merged with document and trace file, English people began to obtain information about Ottoman and they became more interested in play about Ottoman Turks. According to examination of plays written in Renaissance…

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  • The Wren By Güntekin: An Analysis

    significant of which is the fact that cultural and political criticisms can be veiled under the genre of fiction. This does not always absolve the author of any persecution from the powers that be, but it can help them keep a slight sense of anonymity and security they would otherwise not enjoy if they were publishing pieces that were direct critiques of the government. The Turkish novelist…

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  • Expatriate Moving To Turkey Case Study

    For an expatriate moving to turkey, there are great many cultural differences that need to be considered and looked into. For a human resource manager to adjust to a whole new country with a diverse culture, factors such as language, religion, politics, legal structure and societal organization are to be considered. These factors must be looked into before migrating to the country, as it is important for managers to be aware of the cultural differences before they arrive to the destination to…

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  • Ataturk Analysis

    Their perspective on the early Turkish Republic examines the nature of the dualistic cultures. Aksoy and Robins state that they believe that the reforms put into place by Kemal, forced a culture upon the people that was repressive and foreign . The authors write of the duality of the culture, the “official” culture observed by the government verses the “real” culture of the people and how the government of the Republic of Turkey took on a character of repressing the real Turkish identity in…

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  • Once Upon A Time On Anatolia Film Analysis

    In Once Upon a Time on Anatolia, a film directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, we see many motifs that indicate true human nature. Viewers are moved by the realness of the characters and how they can relate to us. From men being distracted by women, to showing the basic human instinct of self-preservation, this film shows us that no matter where you come from, everyone is similar. This movie expresses many aspects of human emotion and human nature, some more outright than others. One of the…

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  • Ataturk Speech Analysis

    he concludes that the murderous ethnic cleansing is a fight on a state or to reach the goal of forming that state between two ethnic groups; all in the name of the people. Leading back to Ataturk’s speech, he is clearly trying to direct the speech toward a demo group of Anatolia and Asia Minor. However, the words that he uses strongly can be interpreted against ethno groups. This will create a murderous cleansing according to Mann. He states, “Indeed, murderous cleansing does not occur among…

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  • Sapir Whorf Hypothesis Essay

    However, there are many people that believe the opposite: what one perceives is dependent on the spoken word. The followers of this idea believe that thought is dependent on language. Linguist Edward Sapir and his student Benjamin Lee Whorf are known for their part in the popularization of this very principle. Their collective theory, known as the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. First discussed by Sapir in 1929, the hypothesis became popular in the 1950s following posthumous publication of Whorf's…

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  • Developed Discourse Project

    communicate the way they believe they do, and compare their perceptions to reality. The following is derived from my data and observations. In order to understand their language ideologies, I, as the researcher, needed to interview my subjects prior to our discursive event. I asked many questions regarding their language habits and ideologies, and not only recorded their answers, but how they communicated…

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