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  • Turkey Genocide Essay

    Are Turkish Armenians Victim or Survivals Last October on the 29th, Turkey had celebrated the Turkish Republic day’s 93 anniversary. Every single government representative talked about the independence “War” and the great victory of the proclamation of The Turkish Republic by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (Hardy). None of the officials; however, referenced how did this republic build. Nobody mentioned the lands that were emptied after the genocide. Nor the systematic ethnic cleansing brought up. Hence, the question is what happened to the minorities in turkey after the genocide and at the beginning of the Turkish Republic. Many arguments by great scholars have been suggested whether the post-genocidal non-Muslim population was victimized or survivals.…

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  • The Importance Of Turkey In The European Union

    Since the rise and fall of ancient civilisations, Turkey has fulfilled a unique role as the crossroad between the Eastern and Western worlds, both geographically, and geopolitically. To this day Turkey still maintains that role as a country that is not truly Eastern, nor particularly Western either, but a measured combination of the two. Due to this unique position, Turkey has had numerous opportunities as a candidate to gain accession to the European Union (EU). Despite this, Turkey’s bid to…

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  • The Role Of Kurdish Women In Turkey

    Kurdish women living in Turkey face a difficult choice in terms of their personal freedoms and equality. As Kurds, a prosecuted minority in Turkey, Kurdish women can either conceal their Kurdish identity, or they can live freely as Kurds but enter the world of violence that surrounds the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). For decades, the PKK has been involved in armed rebellion against Turkey in hopes of gaining an independent state, and is considered by Turkey, the US, the UN, and NATO to be a…

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  • Expatriate Moving To Turkey Case Study

    The Republic of Turkey is a vibrant and prominent destination for an expatriate which rewards the individual making the move with surprisingly enhanced traveling experience. Located in the Southeast of Europe and Northeast of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey is an independent country of the continent of Western Asia. The country is surrounded by three different seas namely the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. The country is considered to be the primary bridge to the Western and…

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  • Turkey Coup Attempt Essay

    Turkey experienced a coup attempt in July 15th, 2016 and that is not the first time that the military interfere the government in modern Turkish history. Three coup took place in 1960, 1971, 1980 and the prime minister was forced to step down in 1997 by the military (Aljazeera). However, the last coup attempt failed and it seemed uncoordinated compared to other coups. As a result of the coup attempt, more than 290 people dead and 1,400 people injured and, also more than 6,000 people were…

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  • The Importance Of Private Security In Turkey

    member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). However, with the rise of ISIS and the attempted coup in Turkey the security situation in Turkey has become shaken(“Turkey’s New Role,” n.d.). With the importance of security in the region, these events have opened the opportunity for private security firms to increase and expand their presence in the region. There are multiple benefits for growing the private security firms into Turkey. The first is the growing demand for security…

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  • Essential Elements Of Democracy In Turkey

    Turkey today is said to be a democracy, but they have many essential elements to a democracy missing. Turkey has been mistaken as a democracy; the truth is it can be similarly related to a dictatorship. Turkey lacks having democracy attributes within, pluralism, civil liberties, and performance. These three elements are crucial to having a successful democracy. Turkey fails to accept diversity in their society. Pluralism is a way a democracy remains a democracy, without it, it can become…

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  • Essay On Turkey Hunting

    Are you a turkey hunter, or would you like to be? Wild turkeys are among the smartest and most paranoid game birds you can go after. There are many factors that affect hunter success while hunting turkeys. Among them are terrain, roosts, calls, breeding, and the weather. In an effort to help out all turkey hunters, old and new, I have put together this list of 21 turkey hunting tips. I hope that there is some information here that can improve your success while turkey hunting this year.…

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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis In The Republic Of Turkey

    Introduction The Republic of Turkey is one of many states greatly affected by the current Syrian Civil War, which has also caused an immense displacement of Syrian refugees seeking safety. As a neighboring state, it is burdened by the great influx of refugees, prompting an adjustment on the refugee policy, the state of Syria and the Islamic State. Its foreign policy greatly depends on systemic variables such as geography, alliances, and relative power. According to Joseph Micallef,…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Turkey Hunting

    Have you ever wondered where your turkey came from when it comes down to sitting down for the Thanksgiving meal? Most people go to the store to buy their turkey but some go to the woods to get their animal. I have been turkey hunting since I was twelve years old and have spent many hours in preparation to be able to go out and hunt. Turkey hunting requires stealth and a lot of patience. After many years, I have gotten much better at hunting turkeys and have had many unsuccessful years hunting…

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