Turkey Genocide Essay

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Are Turkish Armenians Victim or Survivals
Last October on the 29th, Turkey had celebrated the Turkish Republic day’s 93 anniversary. Every single government representative talked about the independence “War” and the great victory of the proclamation of The Turkish Republic by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (Hardy). None of the officials; however, referenced how did this republic build. Nobody mentioned the lands that were emptied after the genocide. Nor the systematic ethnic cleansing brought up. Hence, the question is what happened to the minorities in turkey after the genocide and at the beginning of the Turkish Republic. Many arguments by great scholars have been suggested whether the post-genocidal non-Muslim population was victimized or survivals.
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One of the many problems that the church faced is the confiscated properties. There were many churches that were destroyed during the genocide; however, with the rise of the new Republic, many church properties, either built or destroyed churches, were confiscated. Practicing religion was one of the birthing spot for the Armenians that was legalized by non-Muslim minority protection article in Lausanne (Treaty of Lausanne). Nevertheless, the power of the government was forced on the church. Ekmekcioglu, in her book, illustrates the intervention of the Turkish authorities in choosing the church leaders. It was indicated by the Turkish government that Patriarch Zaven[1] had to be removed from his position in order to have a better cooperation between the government and the Turkish Armenians. Moreover, the mistreatment of the state did not stop here. The government officials preapproved the election of the new Patriarch Naroyan (Ekmekcioglu, 127). Naroyan was considered as a suspicious person who thought to be a Turkish selection on the Armenian. With the control of the church head, the Turkish government had one more institution to dismantle in order to have a complete control on the Turkish Armenians, which is the

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