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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Cause Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    war, has resulted in the largest displacement of individuals since World War II. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the most pressing issues that the world is facing today. The influx of refugees into neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey has put enormous pressure on the already vulnerable states to house and feed a growing migrant population. Although some western countries, such as Germany and Sweden initially opened their borders to Syrians…

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  • Syrian Crisis Analysis

    the fluctuation of the oil prices due to the instability in the Middle East. "Syria crisis: Where key countries stand." BBC News . BBC News, 30 Oct. 2015. Web. 25 Apr. 2016. This article is a brief summary of the countries’ like the U.S, Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabis stands on the Syrian crisis. This article is informing the reader about political and economical connection of these countries and Syria. The main goal of this article is to clarify the stands of the countries that are playing…

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  • Representative Democracy

    A- 10 PERCENT ELECTORAL TRESHOLD POLICY As we all know history of democracy dates back to ancient Greek city-state of Athens. In Athenian democracy people were governed directly. But it is merely impossible to apply same direct democracy in today’s societies considering difficulties to interact with the millions of citizens. This practical reality gave birth to notion of representative democracy where political power is used by representatives. It is required to simplify the overall process in…

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  • Case Study Of Competitive Control By An Insurgent Group

    eastern part of Turkey and Northern Iraq. The PKK was formed in 1974 inspired by the Marxist-Leninist ideology, till date the insurgent organisation aims to create an independent state for…

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  • Once Upon A Time On Anatolia Film Analysis

    around woman, specifically with the scene with the mayor’s daughter. Not a single one of the men tried to speak to her, and she was very meek and shy while she was serving them tea. In this way, this film showed us an insight to how the people of Turkey, and more specifically Anatolia, live their…

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  • Syrian Refugee

    debate about the EU’s relationship with Turkey. There are various reasons as to why the relationship between turkey and European Union is regarded to be problematic . These problems are related to turkey’s geographic location, democratic nature, economic stability, as well as the cultural and historical background of the country. Basically, as far as geography is concerned, Turkey is considered to be in Asia, hence cannot be a European Union member. Turkey is also underdeveloped, hence being a…

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  • Analysis Of Manjana Satrapi's 'Kim Wilde'

    restriction and strong bounder in a country limits the understanding of cultural, political and social aspects of life outside our surrounding. People who live in Iran are limited to have contact to the western world, like importing and exporting items or traveling to this countries is highly prohibited because of word war 2. This affects the people who live in Iran,by limiting their understanding and knowledge about the western . In the story ¨ kim Wilde¨ by Manjana Satrapi, she narrates her…

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  • Istanbul Cultural Factors

    Istanbul is the fifth largest city in the world and is one of the largest agglomerations within the European country. Its size, public demographic, and its development as a city has in result made Istanbul the heart of Turkey. In this paper, discussed will be the actual and relative location of the city. The demographic and economic structure, the economic base, the major industries and their classifications (i.e. primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors), and the major site and situational…

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  • Importance Of Asylum Seekers And Refugees

    Regarded as a nation bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey holds control over the amount of refugees entering Europe from mostly neighbouring Middle Eastern countries as well as African countries and the Indian subcontinent. Due to the large amount of migrants crossing through Turkey, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) made an agreement to “provide some degree of protection and status determination” for asylum seekers and refugees. The UNHCR defines a refugee as a person “who is unable or unwilling to…

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  • Turkey: A Homogenous Country In Turkey

    part of a minority group. Most of the country, 99.8%, practices the Muslim religion, and the other small percentage is mostly Christians and Jews. Their official language is Turkish but people do speak Kurdish and other minority languages as well. Turkey is located in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia, bordering the Black Seam between Bulgaria and Georgia. It also borders the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria. They have hot, dry summers with mild, wet…

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