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  • Rosslare Europort Analysis

    Rosslare Harbour is situated near the south-eastern-most tip of Ireland. Since the early 20th century, Rosslare Harbour has served as a hub of transport activity between Ireland and Wales, largely due to its shipping and railway links. Now known as Rosslare Europort, the harbour has regular links to and from Fishguard and Pembroke in Wales while French links include Roscoff and Cherbourg. Rosslare Europort is the country’s second busiest port for passenger traffic while its freight traffic is…

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  • Essay: The Impact Of Islam On Kurdish Identity

    Similarly many academics have theorized about the role to which Islam played in the ethnic and nationalist formations of the Kurds. In his essay “The Impact of Islam on Kurdish Identity in the Middle East,” Hakan Ozoglu argues that Kurdish identity evolved through various, overlapping phases with Islam at the core of its formation process, a process he calls “dialectical, dialogical, and monological” (18). First, while the term “Kurd” was not ethnically associated with the modern term Kurd,…

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  • Humanitarian Intervention In Libya

    Decline of Public Support for Humanitarian Intervention One of the key differences when it comes to Libya and Syria is how western public perception of humanitarian intervention has shifted. In the few short months following NATO intervention in Libya, support for humanitarian intervention in the United States (US) shrunk substantially and in a democratic country taking unpopular moves like promoting another intervention is likely a prominent concern domestically. US President Barack Obama…

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  • The Turkey Bowl

    I’ve attended this sporting event all 4 years at DHS and have loved to watch this event even before I was in highschool. This year students decided to take it up a notch. As a Senior, this year’s Turkey Bowl seemed especially critical. A chance for us to cement our legacy and finally go out on top. As I was about to walk into the game that early November morning, I saw students congregating right outside the door forming what looked to be a tailgate…

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  • Do Religions Cause Conflict Essay

    The issue of this essay is to discuss whether religions cause conflict or not. This is a very complex subject, since there can be many point of views, but after my research I can state that they do (not). In the first part of the essay, I will give arguments for/against and in the second one for/against. Most religions are, or at least they say to be, pacific. Among Christianity’s values we can find forgiveness and generosity, which leads to believe that the religion is very peaceful and only…

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  • Democracy In The Middle East

    Before entering the course, I believed that democracy in the Middle East was a viable option but that, because of many cultural reasons, was not the best option for that region. Now, having taken this course and learned about the different aspects of Middle East governance, I do not think that democracy is a viable option at all. It is not the matter of democracy cannot succeed in the Middle East or anything like that, it is the matter of democracy not being properly suited for societies like…

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  • The Pirenne Argument Analysis

    The Pirenne thesis states that sea trade was crucial to the survival of the Roman empire, and the increase of Muslim invasions in the seventh and eighth centuries severed the unity of trade between the Western countries in the Mediterranean. This led to a steady decline of the Roman empire as it was unable to sustain itself through trade. There are differing opinions between modern historians as to the accuracy of the Pirenne thesis, with most historians arguing it is no longer a valid…

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  • Rome And Greece Change Over Time Essay

    Empires from 500 BCE all developed and changed over time. Many factors contributed to these developments and changes such as their geography and their leaders. Geography influences cultures, people, and agriculture. Greece and Rome had very different types of land even though they both shared the Mediterranean Sea. The land quality of Greece and Rome are quite different, as are the cultures and religions; leaders made an impact on the way these empires developed. First of all, the Mediterranean…

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  • Nuclear Security In Turkey

    development of nuclear energy in Turkey. The crux of the issue is Turkey’s geographical location. Unfortunately, for much of the world Turkey is situated in a “dangerous neighborhood” where nuclear proliferation is a constant fear. Furthermore, Turkey has been depicted as a proliferation domino set to fall in a scenario where Iran develops or acquires nuclear weapons. As the potential dangers from nuclear proliferation are enormous making it clear to the world that Turkey is set on a peaceful…

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  • Turkey Hunting History

    Without it, he wouldn’t be in a position to create tools and weapons or consider of many different tactics for hunting. A woodsman learns the joy related in calling in turkeys or finding deer for his family, welcoming rookies to the game and persons who’ve not ever had an opportunity to hunt and take gobblers or a doe. Big game and turkey hunting will be one of the most challenging things someone has ever experienced. The art and skills…

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