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  • Ataturk And Secularisation

    clear in his ‘homeland ideology’. Keral uses quotes from Ataturk’s speeches as evidence for this idea, the crux of which is that ‘Old Turkey [is] like a dungeon and it ought to be a paradise’, loved by all Turkish. This aligns with ideas of Shinto secular, in that the aim was to create a sense of nationhood and to unify Japan, facilitated through the nation-state, in Turkey, as Keral argues, secularisation was an initiative to enforce a single ideology in opposition to the Ottoman empire in…

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  • Ataturk Analysis

    Disciplining Modern Turkey: Historiographical analysis of the Ideology of Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk” The longevity of the Ottoman Empire is undeniable. From its beginnings in 1299 to its end in 1922 the Ottomans were one of the world’s longest functioning empires, with its geography reaching to large parts of Africa, Asia, and Arabia. Though the Ottoman’s lasted seven centuries, the empire was in an increasing state of tortuous decline beginning in the sixteenth century. This decline was inflicted…

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  • Kurds Case Study

    At the surface it would be simple to say “back the Kurds” in the fight against ISIL. However, the US is faced with a catch-22 in regards to this “simple” decision. Official support for the Kurds directly opposes the agendas of Turkey and to a lesser extent the GOI. As such the political savvy decision to support the SDF represents a compromise in policy but not a comprise in our country’s ethics or morals. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that there is more this complex…

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  • Causes Of Migration In Syria

    the main reason of migration. This civil war began nearly four years ago and has terrorized the country. Syria’s government has resorted to drafting citizens into the army, this led many choose the risky option of taking a 20-minuet route through Turkey and Greece. The route originally required a boat to sail through the Mediterranean Sea, like in the odyssey, but this new route has proven to be faster and safer. The Arab nations formed a movement called the “Arab Spring” protesting the harsh…

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  • The Consequences Of The Armenian Genocide

    not official because of the conflicting results regarding it, there was somewhere in the neighborhood between one to one and a half million Armenians that were slaughtered, starved, or tortured to death between 1915 and 1923. However, some people in Turkey deny the killing of the Armenian people and even are so extreme in their thinking to the point of believing that the Armenians committed transgressions against the Turkish people and killed them, a complete reversal of the events. Turks who…

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  • Ataturk Speech Analysis

    Beyond the Words Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, and Assyrian Genocide, all of these horrific acts lead to one geographical route “Asia Minor” or what is currently known as the Republic of Turkey. After abolishing the office of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet VI in 1922, the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey is announced with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as its first president. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk is an army officer and the organizer of a militant independent nationalist movement in Ankara. After…

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  • Modernity In The Middle East Essay

    Characteristics of what modernity looks like in the West is technologically and economically advancement, urbanization, and secularization. Images of modernity and the west are often merged together, which is problematic when developing countries want to embrace modernity, by models the “supposedly” “one-size-fit” all western policies. Major states and individual in the Middle East initially started out embracing modernity, until the 1970’s occurred. The Iranian Revolution sparked several waves…

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  • Cultural Differences In Europe And South West Asia

    Post of WWII new superpower USSR that led to cold war 1939-45 and then end of cold war in 1989. As for South West Asia/ North Africa, pre-WWI there was Ottoman Empire it was a theocracy and then the results of WWI the empire gets broken and becomes Turkey. King Hussein gets Arabian Peninsula from British but it was taken by Ibn-Saud which is Saudi Arabia. France gets Syria and Lebanon and Britain gets Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. As for the development of SW Asia/ N. Africa it is less developed…

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  • The Kurdish-Turkish Identity

    to the Kurdish-Turkish relationship. The Kurds who are reported to be over 35 million and commonly discussed as a nation that does not have any state (McDowall, 1997). As explained by McDowall, the homeland of the Kurds happens to neighbor Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq and as a result, the various governments in the four different countries relates differently with the Kurds. According to historian William Westermann (1991), “The…

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  • Middle East: Arid Geographic Region

    Mediterranean climate is less dominant than most climate regions located in the Middle East. The Mediterranean climate region is close to large bodies of water for example the Mediterranean Sea. Countries that have this climate region are Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. (“Climate and Vegetation Map” on page 362.) These different climate regions have a major effect on where people live. Looking at the population density map it shows more people live by large bodies of water because there is…

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