Essential Elements Of Democracy In Turkey

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Turkey today is said to be a democracy, but they have many essential elements to a democracy missing. Turkey has been mistaken as a democracy; the truth is it can be similarly related to a dictatorship. Turkey lacks having democracy attributes within, pluralism, civil liberties, and performance. These three elements are crucial to having a successful democracy. Turkey fails to accept diversity in their society. Pluralism is a way a democracy remains a democracy, without it, it can become biased towards one belief. We see this happening in Turkey left and right. On Hurriyet Daily News it stated, “Then it took less than a day for a campaign to culminate against her in the media. “The National Party,” a die-hard defender of the Atatürk cult, …show more content…
Turkey is extremely biased towards men being above women. An example of this is from Turkey What Everyone Needs to Know, “Indeed, a 2010 World Economic Forum study on the gender gap put Turkey well at the bottom of the international league of equality” (Finkle 165), the exact placement of Turkey is 126 out of 134. There is an enormous gap between equality of men and women. Equality is being fought for throughout the world but not as bad as Turkey. It is only 8 places away from being very last on the list. To put it in perspective the United States ranked 19th place. Being in a democracy it is important to have equality. Also from Finkle, it stated that 42 percent of women over the age of fifteen have experienced physical or sexual violence (168). That number is not surprising, with having such a highly ranked position on the equality gap it is to be expected to have high levels of domestic violence. Women are constantly trying to fight for a voice in Turkey. In Finkle’s text there is an example of a women saying what is the worst part of Turkey, she responded being treated as a “non-person” (167). It goes on …show more content…
Cultural Survival Inc. says, “Under Turkey 's present military regime, Kurds are hard hit by the policies of a junta fearful of political opposition. Since 1980 the Eastern and Southeastern provinces have reportedly been subjected to at least five military maneuvers aimed at terrorizing Kurds.”, this is clearly an example of the government not doing what’s best for everyone in the country. For the Kurds being terrorized by the military is an imitate threat. Being in a democracy you should feel safe and protected by your government not victimized. In the FInkle text they state, “A still widely held view is that the Kurdish problem is simply one of terrorism, or of troublemakers trying to scratch an itch where none exists.” (154). The government and the people of Turkey keep putting stereotypical titles on the Kurds in reality all they want is to be treated equally and have the same rights as everyone else. The government feels as if the Kurds are a threat and continue to remind them that they are in power. The Kurds are accepting of others in the Turkish society it is the people in Turkey that don’t accept the Kurds. The truth is there is no “Kurdish problem”. What lies at the heart of the problem is the government not having anyone question them or try to challenge them. They want to stay in power

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