Turkey Coup Attempt Essay

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Turkey experienced a coup attempt in July 15th, 2016 and that is not the first time that the military interfere the government in modern Turkish history. Three coup took place in 1960, 1971, 1980 and the prime minister was forced to step down in 1997 by the military (Aljazeera). However, the last coup attempt failed and it seemed uncoordinated compared to other coups. As a result of the coup attempt, more than 290 people dead and 1,400 people injured and, also more than 6,000 people were detained (McKenzie & Sanchez). Subsequently, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accused his rival Fethullah Gulen for the coup attempt (Tuysuz & McLaughlin). The coup attempt is important for Turkish people and its ally countries because the coup …show more content…
In fact, he was already ruling the country as a prime minister since 2002 (BBC). The president claims that Fethullah Gulen and his supporters are responsible for the coup attempt (Gul & Eliott). Also, Erdogan has been shutting down Gulen’s schools and organizations since the corruption scandal, in order to clean “parallel state” structure which is claimed that Gulen is behind of this structure (Kirby, Gul & Elliott). Additionally, the last step of this cleansing was suspending military officials who were suspected to be Gulen supporters and, this was going to take place in the end of July 2016, however the coup attempt happened before the meeting (Tuysuz & McLaughlin). Therefore, it is natural that the president accuses him because it seems like the timing of the coup attempt right before the meeting. Moreover, some people who were in a close relationship with Erdogan were arrested of being corrupted in December 2013 and Erdogan believes that Fethullah Gulen was behind those investigations which is why Erdogan blames his rival for attempting to overthrow the government (The Guardian …show more content…
Erdogan supporters include Turkish civilians who are loyal and support AKP government, Erdogan’s old political party, and Erdogan. According to Arango and Yeginsu, a result of a pool that created by a Turkish newspaper shows that C.I.A was behind the coup. Also, some interviews with local Turkish people made by Arango and Yeginsu confirm what some Turkish people think about the U.S. and C.I.A. involment in the coup attempt. For example, Haluk Taylan, a shopkeeper from Istanbul says: “The deep state of the U.S., the C.I.A., had a role in it.” (Arango and Yeginsu). One of the reason that Erdogan supporters think that the U.S. was involved in the coup attempt is because Erdogan also indicates the U.S. involvement. For instance, Erdogan targeted the U.S. general on his speech because of supporting the coup soldiers (Harvey). Another reason could be the news that published by pro-governmental agencies. For example, Yeni Safak author, Ibrahim Karagul, claims that the U.S. government is the responsible for the coup attempt and the U.S. government tried to assassinate Erdogan. However, there is no strong evidence for this claim which is bad for Turkish people because those articles are not objective and propagandas can create wrong thought on the minds of Turkish people. Additionally, the C.I.A. is has a large history of

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