Bani Sadr Hostage Crisis Essay

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In May 1989, the claims of the conspirators began to fall apart as soon as the people around Bush began talking. The Secret Service spoke first and an agent proclaimed Bush had not left the country. News accounts also proved Rupp and Brenneke’s claims improbable. Using the Secret Service accounts and news reals, Bush is publicly accounted for “down to the hour.” On October seventeenth, he campaigned for Reagan in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On the Nineteenth, he had a campaign speech at nine-thirty, and the following day he was back campaigning. Even Rupp and Brenneke who had claimed to have flown with Bush personally to Paris had not left the country during October of 1980 according to their passports.
Brenneke and Rupp’s own stories
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He served as President right in the middle of the Iran Hostage Crisis. Sadr had hands on knowledge of the occurrences of the crisis from the Iranian point of view. He first made statements about the theory in an article in the Miami Herald where he furthered previous statements by LaRouche. Primary events informed Sadr that the rumors he heard about an arms-for-hostages deal between the Reagan Campaign and the Iranian leaders. First, ongoing talks with Carter officials stopped in October. He later discovered the suspension of the meetings occurred because the group in charge of the hostage policy did not want Carter to win the election. Without specifics, Sadr also proclaims the occurrence of a meeting in Paris between Reagan and Beheshti representatives. He “offers no firm proof of the charge” in these statements. Sadr wrote a book portraying his feelings about the October Surprise and its effect on him. His proof throughout the book consisted of Brenneke’s court statements which were later proved false by the Senate Committee. In late 1991, Sadr began withdrawing his previously firm statements. He no longer believed Bush to have led the Reagan side of the meeting to withhold the release of the hostages. Even with retracting the statement, he still trusts the October Surprise meeting

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