Why Did 9/11 Happen Essay

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What Really Happened on September Eleventh 2001.
On the tragic day of September Eleventh 2001 President George W Bush was reading to a class of school children the short story The Pet Goat. Did he know about the things that were about to happen?. Yes the 9/11 “Terrorist” attacks were tragic. But were they really a terrorist attack ?It seems that question has arised out of the smoke and flames. People think that it was an “inside job”. They think that the president knew what was about to happen.
The tragic events of the 9/11 “terrorist attacks” affected not only the U.S but the whole world. Everyone has their own opinion on what really happened. Most people think it was Al Qaeda. People say they flew a 747 Aircraft into the side of the building. this
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At 9pm he gave a television address explaining the tragic events that happened. Bush and his family were wealthy oil owners. They were greedy and wanted oil from iraq. This gives him motive for faking a terrorist attack. The oil production went down 35% after the war started in iraq. 75% of that oil was taken and seized by the United States This gives insight into why bush would have done the things he did.
Parts of different kinds of planes were found around manhattan. There were engine coolants from a 757 found. They also found landing gear from a 747 a completely different style of plane. The plane that people say hit the towers was a 767 a much bigger plane. Some people think planes didn't hit the towers does this prove the theory? How can their be three completely different plane hit the towers when they say only two hit the towers. This means either the facts were wrong or the people looking at the facts didn't know what they were doing.
No one will actually know what happened on 9/11 because they all the answers are theories. People can assume that it was a terrorist attack. Some people may think that bush did it. Some people may think that it was just a mishap that happened due to poor piloting. We will never know what happened that day but we do know it was a tragic event that stunted the world's

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