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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis In The Republic Of Turkey

    Introduction The Republic of Turkey is one of many states greatly affected by the current Syrian Civil War, which has also caused an immense displacement of Syrian refugees seeking safety. As a neighboring state, it is burdened by the great influx of refugees, prompting an adjustment on the refugee policy, the state of Syria and the Islamic State. Its foreign policy greatly depends on systemic variables such as geography, alliances, and relative power. According to Joseph Micallef, “Turkey’s objectives in the Syrian Civil War are, in order of priority, to prevent the formation of an autonomous Kurdish state along its southern border, to overthrow the Assad regime and replace it with a Sunni-dominated government, and to defeat the Islamic…

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  • Kurds Case Study

    The previous topics provide the baseline for the reader to understand why support for the Kurds is not a cut and dry issue but instead invites an ethical dilemma. The US is forced to choose between established allies, the GOI or Turks, and Kurdish partners, the KRG and Syrian Kurds. The Kurds have made a concerted effort to garner positive international opinion through reform of their ideals and practices. Surrounded on all sides by ethnic groups who have opposed and repressed them over the…

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  • Case Study Of Competitive Control By An Insurgent Group

    4. Case Study of Competitive Control by an Insurgent Group: How the Theory Applies to The PKK The PKK is mainly an ethno-nationalist based insurgent group. It was committed to the rights of the Kurdish people, to equipping them with necessary resources to defend their rights, and to ensure equality within the organization itself (Schoon 2015, p. 274). Among the contemporary insurgent groups, the PKK is termed as an ethnic insurgent and terrorist organization which is operating especially in the…

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  • Essay: The Impact Of Islam On Kurdish Identity

    formations of the Kurds. In his essay “The Impact of Islam on Kurdish Identity in the Middle East,” Hakan Ozoglu argues that Kurdish identity evolved through various, overlapping phases with Islam at the core of its formation process, a process he calls “dialectical, dialogical, and monological” (18). First, while the term “Kurd” was not ethnically associated with the modern term Kurd, nevertheless, many proto-Kurds accepted Islam early on in the Islamic expansion period after the death of the…

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  • Syrian Refugees

    11.3 million people have been displaced by the civil war in Syria and, despite a lack of coverage recently in the media, the number is only growing (World Vision). When asked, people guessed the number of refugees to be in the thousands and one even responded “is that still going on?” (Mason). We, as people of the world, should help out the refugees by all able-countries working together to assist diplomatically, socially, and economically. In addition, informing the masses about this ongoing…

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  • Characteristics Of Islamic Revivalism

    Since Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798, Muslims across the globe, such as Jamal al-din al-Afghani, Muhammad Abduh, and Rashid Rida, proposed revolutionary ways to apprehend Islam and make it competitive against the overwhelming dominance by Western, Christian powers. However, their particular revivalist methods should not be seen as the only ways in which Islamic peoples and groups reformed or reinterpreted Islam in order to meet the current political and social demands. An imperative…

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  • Capitalism In Suleiman

    “civilized”. The new capitalist-neoliberal enterprise required transformations. Marx and Engels further illustrate regarding capitalism, “It compels all nations, on the pain of extinction, to adopt the bourgeoisie mode of production; it compels them to introduce what it calls civilization into their midst; i.e., to become bourgeois themselves. In one word, it creates a world after its own image” (Marx and Engels, 1992: 7). The Kurdish leaders having “no other alternative,” jumped on the…

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  • The Role Of Kurdish Women In Turkey

    Kurdish women living in Turkey face a difficult choice in terms of their personal freedoms and equality. As Kurds, a prosecuted minority in Turkey, Kurdish women can either conceal their Kurdish identity, or they can live freely as Kurds but enter the world of violence that surrounds the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). For decades, the PKK has been involved in armed rebellion against Turkey in hopes of gaining an independent state, and is considered by Turkey, the US, the UN, and NATO to be a…

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  • As Strong As Mountains Summary

    Strong as Mountains: a Kurdish Cultural Journey, written by Robert L. Brenneman. I wanted to read this book because I did not know any aspects of the Kurdish culture. I enjoy learning about other cultures, and Kurdish is one culture that I had very little knowledge of. In fact, I am not very educated about the cultures within the Middle East in general. This book helped me understand new aspects of the Kurdish culture and their lifestyle. Author Brenneman discusses the culture of the Kurdish…

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  • The Kurdish-Turkish Identity

    paper focuses on the Kurdish-Turkish identity as well as the politics and conflicts related to the Kurdish-Turkish relationship. The Kurds who are reported to be over 35 million and commonly discussed as a nation that does not have any state (McDowall, 1997). As explained by McDowall, the homeland of the Kurds happens to neighbor Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq and as a result, the various governments in the four different countries relates differently with the Kurds. According to historian…

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