Colonization In Algeria Essay

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The colony of Algeria was one of many that was established by the French in order to rectify their diminishing image on the international spectrum. Throughout history, the nation of France has seemed to be in the shadows of Great Britain as well as struggling to keep up with their advancements. Throughout the 19th century, France experienced its fair share of losses, bad leaders, and through their eyes, national embarrassment. The revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s which marked the beginning of a New France. The new republic signified a New France and imperialistic pursuits were one way they intended to regain the stature that they had lost and longed for throughout the course of history. Algerian and French relations had …show more content…
One reason that they chose that area was because of its location. West Africa is very close to the nation of France. The only separation between the colony and the motherland was the Mediterranean Sea. The Algerian colony was right along the northern coast of the African continent. The placement of the colony was strategic for many different reasons for the French goal while colonizing Algeria. By having a colony so close, the French could easily import and export out of the colony to France. The benefits of a colony could be instantly felt at home without having to wait much time. It also meant that the country could travel to the colony if they felt anything was going wrong. Troops and enforcement could arrive very quickly to the coasts of French territory within Africa unlike a colonizer who had a lot of traveling to do so before their arrival. This allowed “the interests of the colonial state and its subjects could be met by means of one and the same policy: that of a close association between old and new elites in the running of the federation.” The proximity of the Algerian colony to the French nation allowed the ideas of the French to be directly carried over to Algeria and established to create a society. That society would resemble one similar to the motherland. This could ensure that the French remained in control and not much destruction could be done by any rebellion or uprising. If something along those lines was to occur, the French could address it very quickly due to the

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