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  • What Is Real By Alice Munro Analysis

    The essay “What is Real,” Alice Munro discusses a question that she hears frequently from people in her hometown who believe that they seem real elements of the world that they recognize in her fictional stories, and are bothered by how those real elements seem bastardized or perverted by her seemingly intentional misrepresentation of them. She hopes that in answering this question, she might be able to help people understand what fiction is, how it works, and where it comes from. Firstly, Munro points out that the soul of a story is a kind of “indescribable feeling”, which is like a metaphorical house she wants to build, she says that house could connect different enclosed spaces in order she could settle anywhere on it. It is like an essay…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Meneseteung By Alice Munro

    The Life of a Woman in “Meneseteung” Alice Munro is one of the best short story writers to ever live. She is notably talented with her sharp precision and extreme detailing in her writings. She can”achieve an astonishing condensation of meaning within the restricted framework of the short-story form” (Moss and Sugars 334). Munro mainly focuses on resembling ordinary people in the utmost unordinary settings and in descriptive detail, enabling them to reveal their psychological innards and what…

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  • Empathy In 'Too Much Happiness' By Alice Munro

    Being fixated entirely on self interest can easily cloud an individual's ability to empathize. The opposite is also true in that constantly empathizing can allow an individual to neglect themselves and prevent them from bettering themselves. Both of these extremes have the potential to result in prejudicial behaviors. Nonetheless, when self interest and empathy are expressed with the appropriate level of restraint, the result has the capacity to be harmonious and the ability to maximize…

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  • Araby And How I Met My Husband By Alice Munro

    The short stories “Araby” by James Joyce and “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro have strikingly different tones established by the two authors. The stories both consist of a narrator with a love interest, however the authors’ use of diction, imagery, and setting create a difference in tone of the two stories. In “Araby,” Joyce begins the story in a setting with a very dark, gloomy tone. Joyce accomplishes this by mentioning how the priest, the former tenant of the house, had died in the…

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  • An Analysis Of Silver Water And The Bear Came Over The Mountain By Amy Munro

    mental illness has on entire family. In another short story “The Bear Came Over The Mountain” Alice Munro leads the reader through a similar story showing the pains that Alzheimer’s disease has not only on the patient, but her husband as well. “Silver Water” and “The Bear Came Over The Mountain” share similar plots, both showing that when one family member becomes ill everyone is affected by it. The stories also share similar points of view, theme, and style, but the reader will find that there…

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  • The Bear Came Over The Mountain Feminist Essay

    Feminist Perspective and Subtle Critiques in Alice Munro’s “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” and “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage.” Alice Munro’s stories “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” and “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage” both subtly expose her feminist perspective and critique societal norms of relationships between men and women. Both stories have been turned into films that remain true to Munro’s views concerning relationships and love, as well as…

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  • Alice Munro Betrayal

    “Weak-willed and socially malleable, so concerned with their community status, so fearful of being rejected by their social circle, that they unhesitatingly engage in minor acts of betrayal.” This is how world renowned literacy critic Johann Nodrav described the female characters in Munro’s fiction. Munro always writes unflinchingly about life. Betrayals, small and large, run through her short stories as steadily as a river. In stories such as “Day of the Butterfly”, “The Shining Houses”, and…

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  • John Updike A & P Short Story Analysis

    The American middle class and blue collar class provokes American’s imaginations. The idea that hard working men and women can climb through the ranks to achieve wealth is sacred amongst American citizens. John Updike delivers in his short story titled A&P an explicit view of a middle class teenager’s sexual fascination. The story is set in an A&P grocery store where the young protagonist and narrator named Sammy works as a cashier. The rising action begins once Sammy spots three girls who walk…

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  • Consequences Of Behavior In John Updike's A & P

    In this short story, “A & P” John Updike writes about his character, Sammy, who is a clerk at a local A & P grocery store. His immature, judgmental, and disrespectful behavior leads him to take action without thinking through the consequences. As Sammy narrates the story, he gives the readers a vivid description of what is going on around him along with his judgmental input. Updike illustrates how Sammy’s behavior and choices eventually have consequences. Sammy is inexperienced with the…

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  • Alice Munro Research Paper

    Alice Munro, originally Alice Laidlaw, was born on July 10th 1931, in Ontario, Canada. As a child Munro found an escape in books when her schoolteacher mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Alice was ten years old at the time. (“Top 10 Things To Know about Alice Munro.”) And as a child she made up her own endings to stories like the Little Mermaid. She thought it was unfair how the Ariel to choose between the prince and her family. So she created her own ending. ("Alice Munro."…

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