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  • Horizontal Bass Essay

    All about that bass The horizontal bass has a vague history. Many bassist believe Leo Fender was the first creator of the horizontal bass; but, they’re not completely right. Though Fender made the “ Precision “ bass ( which was the first good sounding bass ) there were at least 4 prototypes before that. The modern bass was a grandchild to the seventeenth century double bass. The first notable change was in the nineteen-twenties by a man named Lloyd Loar, which at the time worked for a notable guitar producer called Gibson. He added electrostatic pickups on a small handheld bass; but, no sound could really be produced since the first electric amp we created in the nineteen-forties. The nineteen-thirties was an odd time for a bass guitar. Many upright basses were too bulky to be a horizontal bass; but, the upright basses were experimented on as a horizontal bass. The forties is where basses really took shape. Paul Tutmarc Jr. created the Tutmarc bass. A small…

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  • Saul Bass: Graphic Designer

    Graphic Designer Research Paper Born in New York City on May 8, 1920, Saul Bass was a popular graphic designer with a career that spanned over 40 years. Bass started out as a graphic designer in 1938 with a job at Warner Brothers. After six years, Bass left to study at the Art Students League in New York. He attended Brooklyn College and made his money working as a freelance designer. After finishing school Bass took his talents to Los Angeles to start his own design studio called Saul Bass and…

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  • The Book Of Yaak By Rick Bass Summary

    The Book of Yaak by Rick Bass I hate “The Book of Yaak”. This book should not have been written. The fault, however, does not lie with author Rick Bass. Bass’ style is clear and poetic, intermingling of his not-quite-stream-of-consciousness prose seamlessly with the scientific data and information that illustrates the dire situation for his place, the Yaak Valley of Northern Montana, and all of his fellow citizens, lynx, deer, wolves, wood thrush, owls, and grizzlies. “The Book of Yaak” is Rick…

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  • Largemouth Bass Research Paper

    There are all types of bass, largemouth, smallmouth, striped, Japanese sea bass, European sea bass, white bass, and black sea bass. Of the different types of bass the freshwater largemouth bass is by far the most exciting fish to catch. The Largemouth bass is a freshwater game fish in the sunfish family, a species of black bass native to North America. The scientific name is micropterus salmoides. Full grown, a largemouth bass averages fifteen pounds. Largemouth bass can be found in most…

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  • Sam Bass Short Story

    Sam Bass: The Story of a Felon who wanted to become Wealthy “I had enough of this job! There has to be more in this world for me. I want something more; something better than this.” exclaimed a young Sam Bass. Sam Bass was an adventurous soul, who always looking for excitement in the wrong places. He had an option give up his horse or quit his job, he decided to leave his job in search of a better paying job as an owner of a one-man racing stable he left Denton County in the spring of 1877. …

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  • The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Summary

    In “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant" by W.D Wetherell, the narrator had to decide between a bass and Sheila Mant. In the “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the narrator had to decide between her daughters to give one of them their grandmothers quilt. Both narrators had to make decisions that choose either one person or the other. The narrator from the “Everyday Use” Dee, Maggie, the narrator from “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” make decisions and sacrifices for one but they might not be…

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  • The Bass The River And Shelia Mant Analysis

    At the end of the story “The Bass, The River, and Shelia Mant” by W.D. Wetherell the narrator has to make a choice between probably the biggest bass he has ever had on his line and the girl he has been trying to impress all summer. Why would the narrator choose a fish over a gorgeous girl? Simple because fishing is the narrators passion, and during the summer he would spend a majority of his time fishing the river for bass. When he wasn’t doing that he would be casting his line for practice in…

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  • The Bass Mant

    I am reading, “The Bass, the river and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Watherell. The story is about a boy who takes his summer crush on a date, but is faced with the struggle of choosing Sheila or the biggest bass he has ever hooked. In this journal I will be questioning and evaluating. While reading this short story I am left to question will the Narrator pick the bass or Shelia Mant. I believe he will pick the bass. One reason I believe this is because the amount of time he spends fishing. In…

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  • Comparing Bass Hunting And Bass Fishing

    Back to the dawn of mankind, people hunted and fished for food or survival. Today, these activities are becoming ¨sports.¨ For example, bass fishing and deer hunting can have many similarities along with numerous differences. Deer hunting and bass fishing resemble each other in many ways. Hunting and fishing supplied many people with a sufficient source of food back in the day. Now, since grocery stores came about, these two needs became a sort of ¨sport.¨ The comparisons can be amazingly…

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  • Brief Summary Of 12 Years A Slave

    overhears Epps’ conversations with Bass about the evils of slavery. Platt, doubtfully, asks Bass to help him send letters to his friends in Saratoga Springs. Bass accepts this as they both wait for the reply to the letters. As summer goes on, Platt becomes weary that his escape might not be possible but Bass promises to return during Christmas time to discuss what can done. Bass is faithful on his promise and returns to check on Platt during December. However, there has been no response to the…

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