Guilty as Charged

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  • The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Summary

    Learn From Your Mistakes Have you ever made a decision in your life that you had to choose vs one person or another? In “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant" by W.D Wetherell, the narrator had to decide between a bass and Sheila Mant. In the “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the narrator had to decide between her daughters to give one of them their grandmothers quilt. Both narrators had to make decisions that choose either one person or the other. The narrator from the “Everyday Use” Dee, Maggie, the narrator from “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” make decisions and sacrifices for one but they might not be the right ones and from that they learned from. In the story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” the narrator was a young fourteen year old boy who had a crush on his neighbor Sheila Mant, a seventeen year old teenager. The narrator does not have a car but knows how to fish and has his own canoe to go fishing in. In the “Everyday Use” the narrator who is mama describes herself as a “large, big-boned women”(Walker,Pg.71) was black and poor. Mama had two daughters. One was named Dee who was the youngest. Dee was well educated and had a better figure then her oldest sister Maggie. Maggie is the oldest but isn 't well educated like Maggie.Maggie still lives with her mom in a house made of old wood with windows that are holes cut into the wall. Dee moved away from home and went off to collage and found herself a well educated, handsome man and moved in with him.…

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  • Socrates: Was Socrates Guilty As Charged?

    Was Socrates guilty as charged?" Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, is linked with Western systems of logic and philosophy. At an early age, he served in the hoplite-ancient Greek infantry, and later devoted his life to philosophy. His rather unique perspective and wisdom in philosophy attracted friends and enemies at the same time. Socrates metaphorically was the gadfly that stung the horse- Athenian state. And from his brilliant debates accustomed with truthfulness and honesty that all…

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  • The Theme Of Puritanism In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    where people who were guilty failed to be charged and were treated as good people from how the society viewed them. The book is a tragic drama that was written in 1952-1953 by Arthur Miller in setting that was based in Massachusetts when it was a puritan colony (Bloom 3). The main theme of the book depicts Puritanism and can be viewed as a way in which Miller tried to address the evils in the society at that time. The book reveals a number of evils such as adultery, witchcraft, and power…

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  • Criminal Contempt Case Study

    Criminal Contempt is defined as a disobedient or open disrespect for the court. It punishes conduct that violates a courts rule rather than a penal statue or some criminal law. Arthur Kirkland was charged with criminal contempt because he punched Judge Fleming. This incident happened when Arthur was in Judge Fleming court room arguing Jeff McCullaugh case a client of Arthur. Jeff was stop for a broken light and then mistaken for another man that had his same name. McCullaugh had already spent 1…

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  • Plea Bargaining And Due Process Analysis

    Fradella, 2014, p. 38). A plea bargain, “a process through which a defendant is pleads guilty to a criminal charge with the expectation of receiving some consideration from the state” (Neubauer & Fradella, 2014, p. 309). It’s an offer made to individuals who are facing charges and/or sentencing that may reduce the amount of time they would serve upon conviction. It is what it implies, it’s a deal. You’re looking at…

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  • Teenagers Should Be Charged As Adults

    2012 The supreme court ruled that Juveniles who committed murder should be sentences as an adult. On the other hand many adults believe that Juveniles brains aren't fully developed. therefore, They should not be charged as an adult because they’re kids. In my opinion I believe that they should be charged as adults. Some of my claims are that teenagers have brain issues, matureness and violence to their families. To begin with, In the article “on punishment and teen killers” by…

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  • Plea Bargaining In Criminal Justice

    prosecuting attorney of the defendant’s case. It provides a leniency in a sentence or lesser chargers for the defendant if he pleads guilty to his case. At what phase of the criminal justice system does plea bargaining begin and end? Plea bargaining occurs at any stage of the criminal justice system. From the moment you get arrested until right before the verdict of the case. In this paper, you will learn how the role of plea bargaining is present in enforcement, adjudication, and our…

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  • Two Types Of Disbarment And Violations In Court

    County New Jersey, previously barred to practice law, were charged with alleged misuse of clients’ funds and unauthorized practice of law. The attorneys were arrested following complaints triggered by civilians and based on information from the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics. Lawrence Jaskot from Lodi who was disbarred in January of 2014 is accused of taking more than $75,000 from his attorney’s trust account for personal expenses. Leonard Adoff, another disbarred attorney, allegedly used…

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  • Hinkhouse Case Study

    An attempted is making certain efforts to achieve a goal that may or may not have a successful outcome. In the cases of Haines, Hinkhouse, and Smallwood they are all being charged with attempted murder. In the case of Haines he was being charged with attempted murder, because he had the knowledge of caring AIDS and was spraying his blood to a police officer with the intention to infect him with AIDS. The case of Hinkhouse he was being charged because he failed to inform his parole officer he was…

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  • Importance Of Plea Bargaining

    ninety percent of all criminal cases are resolved with a guilty plea” (Bender, 2011). This truly helps the costs for the courts by holding plea bargaining sessions for the prosecutors and defense attorneys so that they may reach an agreement without a lengthy and costly trial. “Guilty pleas are useful to the criminal justice system because they allow courts and parties to avoid the costs and risks associated with jury trials” (Bender, 2011). With the overcrowded courts and the demanding costs to…

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