The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Summary

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Learn From Your Mistakes

Have you ever made a decision in your life that you had to choose vs one person or another? In “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant" by W.D Wetherell, the narrator had to decide between a bass and Sheila Mant. In the “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the narrator had to decide between her daughters to give one of them their grandmothers quilt. Both narrators had to make decisions that choose either one person or the other. The narrator from the “Everyday Use” Dee, Maggie, the narrator from “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” make decisions and sacrifices for one but they might not be the right ones and from that they learned from. In the story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” the narrator was a young
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Sheila is a seventeen year old teenager. The narrator has been stalking and watching Sheila for quite a while now. He finally gets the courage to go up and ask Sheila out on a date. “It was late August by the time i got up the nerve to ask her out.” (Wetherell,pg.36) There was a concert in town which he invited her to. She accepts the offer of a date with the narrator. Not so thrilled that they are going on a boat. Once she heard about going fishing she was disgusted by it and said fishing was dumb. On the way to the concert the huge bass snagged itself on the fishing line being the first biggest bass the narrator has ever seen in his life. This is where he has to decide weither to catch the bass or let the fishing line go and choose the girl over the fish. Does he give up Sheila Mant or the huge bass? The narrator chooses Sheila and lets the bass go to make Sheila proud. Once they get to the concert Sheila ditches the narrator and goes home with a guy named Eric. The narrator finally gets over Sheila and regrets that he should of got the bass. He will never do that mistake again. He sacrificed and chose the girl over the biggest bass he had ever seen but the girl soon ditched and left him and for that the narrator will never make the same mistake again. in the “Everyday Use” the narrator who is the mother has two …show more content…
In “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” the setting is in a river and in the “Everyday Use” the setting is in a home. In “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” the narrator has to decide over a fish and a girl. In the “Everyday Use” she has to decide over two girls. One narrator is a boy and another is a

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