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  • Guinea Pigs

    In about a week from now my dorm mates and I will be recieving a pair of two year old guinea pigs, Pumpkin and Ginger. My mom has had these two guinea pigs for the past year or so and she recently decided that she didn’t want them --- as the has habituated with her pets of the past. She had previously promised my dorm mates and I one of her six cats, but going back on her word she decided she would bestow upon us her guinea pigs instead, we decided we’ll take what we can get. So in preparation for Pumpkin and Ginger’s arrival I have bought them around 6 bags of various snacks, two new beds, I made them a cardboard house, and a crawl tunnel, as well as printed out a list on our dorm wall of all the foods they can and can’t eat. I did the later to hopefully…

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  • Guinea Pig Responsibilities

    If you have ever considered raising guinea pigs as pets, you aren't alone. Many are attracted to the idea of having guinea pigs as pets, mainly due to their cuteness. Not only that, they're actually one of the easiest pets to own. But even they will need some attention for both their health and safety. As with all pets, being a responsible owner is always important. Before you go to your local pet store and bring home a guinea pig, you should educate yourself on some of the basic requirements…

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  • Guinea Pigs Essay

    wait to buy a new guinea pig. He and his twin sister, Stacy, drove in their new green car to Cullen’s Critters, a pet store in Pacifica, California. The pet store, which opened eight years ago, included all pets that weren’t cats and dogs, such as fish, snakes, and lizards. And of course, Sam’s favorite animal, guinea pigs. While the twins took the ten-minute drive from their neighborhood to the pet store, they decided to listen to some tunes on Stacy’s phone. And what better lyrics than those…

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  • Guinea Pigs Benefits

    Keeping guinea pigs as pets is fun, especially if you love watching the cute animals play and listen to the funny sounds they make. However, this fun comes with a lot of responsibility when it comes to feeding them. Fresh food and adequate clean water is a vital thing in the everyday life of your adorable pet. You should ensure it gets the proper nourishment. This is done by providing the right food and by meeting your pet's emotional and health needs. Lack of proper a diet could result to poor…

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  • Guinea Pig Meaning

    The common idiomatic expression “be the guinea pig” has a controversial and deeper meaning behind it that many people don’t even realize. In society, we use the guinea pig as a symbol of being the first to try something, typically a dangerous task or unpalatable concoction. No one wants to be the guinea pig. When our friend tries an unknown food and it turns out to be delicious, there is a beneficial outcome to them being the guinea pig. Other people then eat the food and it becomes a learning…

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  • Essay On Ferrets

    loving ferret is always a good experience. Ferrets also adapt to the hours that their owner is awake because they always want to be out of their cage to play. Ferrets are nocturnal so it would be cool to see him/ her adapt to sleep in the night instead of the day; and when the ferret was a baby it probably slept in the day. Some reasons that ferrets shouldn’t be legal is because they can be dangerous. Ferrets are not nice to other pets. They may sleep twenty-two hours of the day, but when they…

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  • Guinea Pigs Observation Report

    Hello families, Amazingly, we are about to start the third week of school. I am really happy to say that the class is getting use to the routines and adjusting great! I am already so proud of them. Since the class is progressing so well, I think it is a great time to introduce the new class pets on Monday. Their names are Sweet-Pig and Piglet; two female guinea pigs. Last year I wrote a grant to fund purchasing most of the items needed. Ongoing supplies are needed for the care of the guinea pigs…

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  • Personal Narrative: Guinea Pigs

    “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it’s yours. If not it never was.” That’s what one of my friends said to me. I was sitting on the hardwood floor in the living room with my guinea pigs when she said that. I was at my grandmas when it happened so we decided the pigs should eat some grass and play in the sun for a while. “We should go outside,” Makayla said. We went outside and let the guinea pig’s in the tall green grass and then we sat on the trampoline. There is a small hill…

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  • Summary Of Jenius The Amazing Guinea Pig

    The book that I have chosen is called Jenius The Amazing guinea Pig by Dick King-Smith and illustrated by Brain Floca. This book is a chapter book with seven chapters, but even though it is a chapter book it has pictures along with it. This book is a very funny book about a little girl and her guinea pig. This little girl named Judy had two guinea pigs and one day they had one little baby. She had told her class she could train a guinea pig and she was made fun of so she thought this was the…

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  • Book Report Guinea Pig

    Boring, Mel, and Dendy, Leslie. (2009). Guinea pig: Bold self-experimenter in science and medicine. Illustrated by C. B. Mordan. New York, NY: Henry Holt and Co The “guinea pig scientists” are men and women who devoted their lives to find answers in science and medicine. The biographies in this book display a collection of experiments these scientists performed on themselves. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, scientists Lazzaro Spalanzami, Pierre and Marie Curie, John and Jack…

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