Criminal Contempt Case Study

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Criminal Contempt is defined as a disobedient or open disrespect for the court. It punishes conduct that violates a courts rule rather than a penal statue or some criminal law.
Arthur Kirkland was charged with criminal contempt because he punched Judge Fleming. This incident happened when Arthur was in Judge Fleming court room arguing Jeff McCullaugh case a client of Arthur. Jeff was stop for a broken light and then mistaken for another man that had his same name. McCullaugh had already spent 1 ½ years in jail and Arthur wanted to prove his innocence but Judge Fleming didn’t allowed Arthur to show him the evidence and refused to see it because it was two days late. Arthur was mad because thanks to Fleming an innocent man was going to stay
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Garner and Graham v. Conner was a different story. In the case of Tennessee v. Garner police officers were wrong in using deadly force. The suspect had no weapons on him, the suspect was a suspected felon meaning that he might have not been the suspect at all, the victim ignore the police officer order and continue to climb the wall to scape. The officer shot him and killed him. I believe that the police officer could of have use his Taser gun and gave him an electric charged to get him down, apprehend him and then interrogate him reading the crime. Instead he decided to shot and killed him knowingly knowing that he had no weapons. This was very unconstitutional of that police officer in doing so because deadly force should only be use when there is a threat to the community and in this case there was none. Graham v. Conner was another case in which deadly force was use unconstitutionally and wrongly. The petitioner Graham was diabetic and he asked a friend to drive him to a store so that he could get some orange juice for his diabetes and because he can in and out so quick of the store the officer thought that he was suspicious. He handcuffs him, the officer failed to treat Graham conditions. Instead he had multiple injuries and then the officer learned that nothing had happened in the store. Not only did the officer acted wrong, he violated Graham rights and assume that he had committed a crime when he had no real evidence. There was no search …show more content…
In his 5th his due process right when it comes to a jury trial. In the movie it was only the judge and defense attorney and the other side there were no jury for his defendant to fight his case. In his 8th the judge was harsh when he sentences him to prison/jail without parole and permission of bail. This was cruel and unusual punishment from Judge Fleming and this was not correct because being a judge should be more than just sentencing a person without having to hear a good fighting argument from both sides and this was something that Robert didn’t have and he was just sentence to prison for it.

The meaning of life in judge Rayford words was when he went skydiving and his parachute didn’t open and fell on a tree top that’s when he discovered the meaning of life and he said that it sucks.
The half way point is a little game that Judge Rayford plays each time he goes out flying, and the way he does this is by calculating how much fuel he has left and flying a little further than what he can’t and he calls this a little beyond the half way point and still getting back to where he started with the amount of fuel that he has

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