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  • Diageo Case Study

    (40%) Diageo was formed from the merger of Grand Metropolitan plc and Guinness plc. Before the merge, both companies used little debt (based on the book D/E ratio and net debt to total capital in the table below) to finance themselves which helped them gain and maintain high credit rating (A and AA respectively). After the merge, Diageo wanted to take the same path by maintaining the interest coverage between 5 and 8 (through actions such as new debt issuance, share repurchase programs shown in figure 1) and having EBITDA/Total Debt between 30 and 35 % to avoid potential downgrade. Its market gearing is 25%. Furthermore, its debt's pay-back period (Debt/EBITDA) shows its ability to pay off its incurred debt in a relatively short period of time. Coupled with the high multiple of cash available for interest payments over the years (EBITDA/Interest expense), the probability of a financial distress is low. We know market gearing is equal to debt over enterprise value. Using data from exhibit 4, we find debt level equal to $6.7 billion. Diageo can take on more debt if needed and benefit from the advantages of a high credit rating. This conservative financial policy allows Diageo to get a rating of A+ with the possibility to raise debt readily with lower promise yields and access short-term commercial paper borrowings at attractive rates. Diageo has 4 business segments: spirits and wine business, Guinness (beer), packaged food products (Pillsbury) and fast food (Burger…

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  • Summary Of Guinness: Wheelchair Basketball By Noam Murra

    “Guinness:Wheelchair Basketball”, by director Noam Murra, incorporates all the sounds and emotions that show above. This commercial was released September 2013 on tvs everywhere across the country. The message of this commercial makes it clear that Guinness believes in the idea that friendship and great character qualities will help you live a better, peaceful life in the long run. To convey Guinnesses message across, Murra establishes ethos, exhibits word choice, and demonstrates pathos.…

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  • Quentin Schultze And Os Guiness: An Analysis

    From the moment we become old enough to talk, we have a desire for more in our lives. To be filled with something we currently don’t have. Os Guinness, the author of “The Call” refers to this as a longing to find our higher purpose (Guinness). A desire to do something more for our lives, something that benefits society (Guinness). He refers to this as our call (Guinness). Both the authors Quentin Schultze and Os Guiness through their works “Here I Am” and “The Call” spend a great deal of time of…

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  • Essay On Entrapment In Tess Of The D Urbervilles

    as a desire to be in a relationship. Also, Tess became caught between different time periods, as the traditional values she was raised to believe conflicted with the modern values she discovered as a young woman. For instance, while Tess valued her independence as a woman, many of her elders believed it was more important that she quickly find an honorable man to marry. Angel experiences entrapment when his decision to not study religion, leads to him grappling what to do with his life, as…

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  • Observation In Social Psychology

    homework. Firstly, operant conditioning is work in this stage of student. The definition of operant conditioning is consequences of behavior, rewards and punishments influences the probability that behavior will occur again. Therefore I try to use some positive reinforcement to attract her such as give her some sweets or new pencils for rewards. However, I think it could be work in short run so I just give her in a variable time because of it is under an unstable time. She will not know when I…

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  • Female Victim In The Shining

    In a genre full of so-called “scream queens,” it’s rare in a horror movie to find a particularly moving female victim who isn’t much more than a lamb being led to slaughter. In The Shining, Duval’s character Wendy Torrance is snowbound in a haunted hotel she and her abusive husband Jack are watching for the winter. As the damned spirits drive Jack towards a murder spree against his family, the frail and weak-seeming Wendy struggles to maintain her sanity and protect herself and her young son.…

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  • Abenea Biography

    obviously got bigger but was hanging around me more often and would whimper when I’d leave and when I would come back shed go crazy , jumping around and licking me and yelping even though I’d only be gone for an hour. We started noticing that Georgia would at times try to get away from scarlette when we’d play outside. My dad started watching what Scarlette would do when they were left alone. He noticed that when Georgia would try to run away Scarlette would grab her tail and pull her back. Pugs…

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  • Narrative Essay About Crystal

    malachite, I overheard the lady at the register, who had been helping me not two minutes before, comment to the customer checking out that today was her birthday. After hearing how she could not be with her family due to the fact the her boss insisted on scheduling her on her birthday, I decided to purchase an amethyst crystal for her to keep as a small birthday present. She was so overjoyed and touched by the gift that she started tearing up. We ended up exchanging names and numbers in hopes of…

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  • Visual Analysis Essay On The Scream

    The painting was seen as a form of autobiography that later lead to the writing of the poem that was done in 1895. The poem “I was walking down the road with two friends when the sun set; suddenly the sky turned red as blood. I stopped and leaned against the fence, feeling unspeakably tired. Tongues of fire and blood stretched over the bluish black friends went on walking, while I lagged behind, shivering with fear. Then I heard the infinite scream of nature.” is seen to represent the…

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  • The Importance Of New Year Traditions

    Many human beings love looking those applications broadcasted on the TV with all their family and friends. The streets are decorated with lanterns, flashlights, and colored papers. Flags are also decorated to explicit happiness. Large colorful colored electric apples are decreased to the ground at the time when human beings begin saying “glad new Year. American New Year good are brilliant and different occasion. You could have a laugh at the dance events that is one of the important celebrations…

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