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  • What Was Chief Justice Marshall's Argument In Favor Of This Doctrine

    1. Define judicial review. Briefly explain who holds this power and how this power was established. What was Chief Justice Marshall’s argument in favor of this doctrine? - Judicial review is the power that the judiciary has to review laws passed by the states, or government regulations that could possibly conflict with the US Constitution. The Supreme Court has the original, and final right, to determine if any states’ law conflict with the Constitution. The Supreme Court also has the right to review governmental policies, and legislation. This Supreme Court’s judicial review was set into precedent by the Marbury v. Madison case, in which controversy over a “writ of mandamus” cause the court to establish its right to review under Article…

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  • The Role Of The Separation Of Powers In The Australian Constitution

    Charles de Montesquieu was the first to demonstrate the separation of powers in his work L’Esprit des Lois (the Spirit of the Laws) in 1748, he introduced the theory of the separation of powers as a baseline principle (Bondy, 1896). Legal power is separated between those who make laws, those who apply the laws and those who adjudicate on matters of compliance of law. The Judiciary also ensures that the laws are consistent with the powers given to the legislature or executive in accordance with…

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  • Similarities Between Montesquieu And John Locke Theory

    The Comparison between Montesquieu and John Locke Theory In the theory of separation of John Locke, the state power is divided to three state institutions, namely the executive agencies (regulators and law), the legislative (follow the rules and laws), and federative institutions (running diplomatic function with the countries other). Whereas, in the theory of separation of powers Montesquieu, state power is divided to three institutions, namely the executive agencies (regulators and law), the…

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  • The Three Branches Of Government

    manner implanted adjusted administration into the Constitution. They didn 't require any branch of government to have the ability to get an overabundance of power. Thus, they gave each branch ways to deal with interfere in the others ' powers. This infers the distinctive branches need to associate with some degree. This is particularly substantial for the managerial and authority branches. 3. I assume that in the long run these branches can coordinate, and work for everyone at some point. The…

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  • Constitutional Convention Of 1787 Analysis

    with revenue and taxation would begin in the lower house. Once a compromise had been achieved, debate continued on just how population was to be counted. With the finished product, the Philadelphia delegates made sweeping reforms to the U.S. Constitution but also a strong distinction between democracy and republicanism (Roark, 2009 p. 275). Fearing the whims of an uneducated democracy, they penned a system of checks and balances in place between the three branches of government. A strong…

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  • Judges Make Law But Merely Interpret The Law Analysis

    The principle that the legislature, the executive and the judiciary should as far as possible remain functionally separate. Legislature has the legislative power which is the power to make law which in Australia lies with Federal Parliament and various State and Territory Parliaments. The law made by a parliament is called legislation, a statute, or an Act of Parliament. Executive power is the power to administer the law. It is exercised by the executive, which in Australia consists of a Prime…

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  • The Importance Of Restraining The Executive In New Zealand

    There is an important constitutional convention that says ministers should not openly criticise judges. Judges have the power to check Executive action so if they faced the idea of being criticised publically they perhaps would act as the Executive wanted them to instead of being impartial. Because ministers can’t criticise their decisions, the judiciary can effectively restrain them. John McGrath explained why conventions, such as this, are necessary when he said “Conventions ensure that the…

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  • Socialist Government In France

    France being a republic type government, it gave the French congress power to make changes in the constitution for the two chambers of parliament. Furthermore, France is divided into branches of government which is; the executive, legislative, and judiciary branch. The Executive branch is runned by the president being the head of state and head of the executive. The president has a total of two terms, and is the commander of the military, but determines all policies with Council Ministers, the…

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  • Six Types Of Government In The United States

    member of Congress. The Congress member then reviews the idea and decides if they want to support the suggestion. If they do, they will present the proposed new law to the rest of Congress and debate and makes changes or additions until everyone agrees on the details and vote to pass it on. They will then send the bill to the President to get it passed into law or vetoed by the President. If the President vetoes it, Congress will have a chance to overrule him with a two thirds majority vote.…

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  • Arguments Against National Security

    National security and the protection of a state’s citizens is a primary duty for a government. The protection of human rights is also a great responsibility and central to having a modern democracy. A government though must sometimes restrict the human rights of some of its citizens in order to protect the state and its people. The judiciary has a role in deciding when to intervene in the restriction of the human rights of the citizenry when it feels the government has gone too far. In this…

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